Is Louis Myers the Zodiac Killer?

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    Is Louis Myers the Zodiac Killer? Man says now-dead buddy confessed to being Bay Area murderer


    Randy Kenney says Myers started the spree in 1968, at age 17, after he broke up with a girlfriend. Kenney says other evidence shows his friend, who died in 2002, committed at least the five murders.


    And Myers, who returned from the Army and began a career as a long-haul trucker out of upstate New York, even admitted in 1976 to a childhood friend [Bob Robitalle] he was the notorious killer.


    "The Zodiac sign is a Celtic Cross. That's not the cross with the sights," according to Kenney.

    Kenney says that Myers was obsessed with his Scottish heritage and that's why he chose the Celtic Cross.
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