Is there anyone else in Boulder who could be under suspicion?

Discussion in 'JonBenet Ramsey' started by aussiesheila, May 12, 2005.

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    Could I get anyone to believe that there might have been a group of paedophiles located Boulder around the time of JonBenet’s murder? A loosely formed group, with a fluctuating membership of people from different backgrounds, some of who belonged on a long-term basis, others just joining for varying periods and others who might have associated with them maybe just for one ‘event’?

    Once I would never have believed something like this, but over recent years I have become convinced that such groups do in fact exist. I will try to describe how I think they operate. They target vulnerable children and they do so in varying ways. One way of gaining access to such a child would be to become friendly with a family where the child may not be well protected. The father might perhaps be away a lot and the mother might perhaps herself have been the victim of sexual abuse and who therefore, strange as it may seem, fails to stop the abuse of her own children or even to acknowledge that it is occurring. These are of course covert groups and operate within highly secretive networks and, very importantly in a case like this where something goes wrong, they ‘protect their own’. Their members are drawn from all sectors of society and include such people as medical practitioners, lawyers, police, academics and wealthy and influential businessmen as well ordinary neighbourhood folk and drifters and ne’er do wells.

    Could not there have been a group such as this that had access to JonBenet and had it for quite a number of years up to and including the date of her death? A group some of whose members have children of similar age to the Ramsey children and who probably get abused as well? Who have sleepovers? Who have parties and go on holidays together? A member who acts the part of a character who has a perfect excuse for chatting up children, sitting them on his knee, and getting them to trust him. A member who can manipulate a mother to become reliant on him or her? Suggest a paediatrician for JonBenet? One who turns a blind eye to indications of sexual abuse in a patient and who might even be one of them?

    Maybe one member of this group decided that Christmas night would be an opportune time for some ‘entertainment’. Since they were very close to the Ramseys they had a key to the house and could let themselves in one by one; they could make up some excuse if they were found in the Ramsey home that night; not by John who was a very sound sleeper, but perhaps by Patsy.

    Perhaps Patsy even let in the first one, a close neighbour and friend who liked to dress up ‘for the enjoyment of the children’. Patsy might have joined the group in some of the early ‘light’ entertainment upstairs in the kitchen. Perhaps Burke too. Perhaps the pineapple was brought in by the friend and was laced with a suitable drug. I don’t know how many outsiders were there to start with. Maybe just one jolly white bearded red-coated supposedly loveable old man. Perhaps several more people joined in as the night took off. Perhaps someone brought their son over as company for Burke? One who came with a carer as well? Maybe there was someone got up off his sickbed to be in it.

    Maybe after a while someone in the group suggested he go upstairs and look in on JonBenet (pay her the post-Christmas visit he had promised her). Then brings her downstairs “Oh she woke up while I was there and wanted to come down and see everyone isn’t she a sweetie – here, have some of this yummy pineapple that I brought especially for you, JonBenet – pass it to her please Burke”. Maybe a little while later the group decide to go down to the basement ”It’s getting a little bit crowded and noisy up here”, Patsy decides to stay in the kitchen with one of her friends. “Oh yes JonBenet you can go down with everyone else you’ll be alright downstairs with the boys and everyone darling.”

    Maybe some time later downstairs, things got a bit too ‘sick’ for one of the hangers-on who first tried to get out the basement window before realizing he couldn’t and had to go through an upstairs door, then fled back to his girlfriend’s place all agitated and distressed. Maybe this was when the ligature was brought out. Or maybe ligatures were pretty run-of-the-mill stuff in their line of fun and didn’t faze any of them. Maybe this guy didn’t freak out until the stun gun was produced. Maybe the flu convalescent had just arrived with the new toy. Maybe everyone was getting a bit panicky by then. Maybe this was the first time they had used a stun gun, maybe the first time they had even seen one, it didn’t look as though any one there that night was exceptionally proficient in using one.

    So the night wore on, if there were any pre-adolescent boys downstairs they had passed out quite some time ago possibly still in the train room. So maybe the serious stuff doesn’t start until the stayers move to the boiler room. How many besides little JonBenet? My guess would be three.

    Then the Scream. Was it after the final stungun hit to her face? Is that when the rope was tightened and the blow struck? The panic responses of the two that didn’t have the stungun? Do either of them flee at this point? Probably want to but can’t. Did Patsy rush down to the basement? Did Burke wake up? Maybe, but John, definitely no, he slept through it all. What to do? Phone call to Mr Wealthyandinfluential? He’ll know what to do. Hide body somewhere in the house. I’ll make sure the police don’t look there. We’ll get rid of it later, somewhere it will never be found. You’ve got to make it look like a kidnapping. Write ransom note. Patsy and Whitebeard, you two write it. Make sure you disguise your handwriting. Clear away any incriminating evidence and leave. Go home and stay there and think up an alibi. Go back to bed. You didn’t see or hear anything.

    Is it possible that soon after this Mr Wealthyandinfluential rang the Boulder Police suggesting that they go lightly on a call that they are about to receive from a certain residence in Boulder? Don’t send around too many or any highly experienced police officers around if you know what’s good for you?

    Do we know for what purpose John Ramsey’s wealthy-and-influential-retired-businessman best friend REALLY went downstairs to the basement very soon after he arrived at the house the next morning? Was it for the reason he said or was it to check that there was no incriminating evidence left behind and to make sure the body was where it was supposed to have been hidden?

    Well that’s my theory and it’s nothing like anyone else’s and assuming anyone wades through the above they will probably come down on me like a ton of bricks. But it seems all very plausible to me.
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    I would hope no one would do a "ton of bricks" on your ideas. Your scenario incorporates many factors into a theory that seeks to explain the known evidence. I see that as what a forem is for, as opposed to jumping to a conclusion and explaining away or denying facts that conflict with that conclusion. Something very bad happened for sure, so, whatever the real truth is, it isn't pleasant. I personally expect that some of the things we focus on now will turn out to be peripheral when and if the final truth is known.

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