Israel - Taxi driver convicted of ferrying suicide bomber

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    JERUSALEM (Reuters) - An Israeli taxi driver who unwittingly drove a suicide bomber to an attack was convicted in a precedent-setting case that could make drivers responsible for their passengers' crimes, judicial sources said Thursday.

    A district court convicted Ofer Schwartzbaum, 38, of "causing death by negligence" after he ferried a Palestinian bomber to Tel Aviv where the man blew himself up, killing four people in an attack at a bus stop last December.

    Schwartzbaum maintained during his trial in Tel Aviv that he was innocent because he did not know his passenger, whom he drove for 6 miles, had planned to carry out a bombing.

    "We have set a norm that any driver, not only a taxi driver, should be aware that in the current circumstances whenever they take a passenger from such a location there is always a chance that the person might want to carry out a harmful action (against Israelis)," a Justice Ministry source said.

    "The circumstances (in which we live) dictate that an average person should be aware of the possible dangers of his actions," the source added.
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