Found Deceased Italy - Philip Rogosky, 56, Rome, 26 Jan 2024


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Dec 27, 2019
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Regarding the location of the trousers (not sure where Philip's home is):

The disappearance of Philip Rogosky​

The program will also delve into the history of Philip Rogosky, the well-known film manager disappeared in Rome in somewhat enigmatic circumstances. Left the house for a trivial reason, that of throwing away the rubbish, Philip never returned. A sudden absence that mobilized family, friends and colleagues in a frantic search, but so far without success. He was last seen on the morning of January 26th and the discovery of his trousers in via Flamini it only adds further questions to an already complex case.

He seems to be a very clever guy, my initial thoughts are that he is conducting some kind of experiment, or making a secret movie.
I don’t think he is dead.
That’s definitely really odd. Do we know if there’s any CCTV to prove he was in the cafe? Also I’m sure the trousers are distinctive but were they found near his flat? I’m wondering how whoever found them knew they were his.
You would think so... I don't know how widespread CCTV use is in Italy. Reading through the napolike article above, it states that the burgundy trousers were found on Via Flamini in Rome, which seems to be the same area where he was spotted at the cafe etc: Quartiere I Flaminio, apparently a 20 to 30 minute walk from his home. I don't know who found them, it's very odd. This is an Italian article I found, that translates quite badly with Google but that's where I read about the area of Rome he was seen in:

Found deceased

Philip Rogosky, «the body found in the Insugherata park in Rome belongs to the producer»: he disappeared on January 29th
He was a park goer who noticed the silhouette with his head wrapped in a plastic bag
After long searches, Philip Rogosky was found lifeless in the Insugherata park, in the Cassia - Tomba di Nerone area. The film producer disappeared in Rome about 2 months ago after leaving his house in via dei Coronari near Ponte Sant'Angelo. The city was plastered with flyers with his face and the program "Chi l'ha visto?" also covered the case. He was a visitor to the park on Sunday morning (March 24) who noticed the figure covered in worn clothes, hidden only in part of the vegetation and with his head wrapped in a plastic bag. On site the police and 118 health workers could not help but confirm the death.
The mystery of the gas cylinder
The man was found with his head stuck in a plastic bag and a tube connected to a helium gas cylinder. The results of the autopsy are awaited to understand whether Rogosky really died from suffocation caused by the plastic bag closed around his neck and by inhaling the helium. And also where the cylinder found attached to the pipe came from and where it may have been purchased.

The discovery
«I was walking in the park, I entered from the entrance on Via Trionfale for a few meters when I noticed that body partially hidden by the vegetation. I immediately understood that it was a lifeless body, it was terrible" the hiker told the officers who then intervened on the scene. Throughout Sunday morning, investigators worked at the site of the discovery while the 118 ambulance that had been called to the scene returned to the operations center.

According to reconstructions, on Monday 29 January Philip Rogosky left his house in the Ponte Sant'Angelo area around 9 in the morning for a walk. From that moment on, all traces of him were completely lost, with his phone constantly turned off. Relatives and friends immediately filed a complaint with the police and an appeal was also launched by the program Chi l'ha visto, which reported the sad discovery on social media: «Unfortunately Philip, the man who disappeared in #, has been found lifeless. Rome on January 29th. His body was found today in the Insugherata Nature Reserve, in the Cassia area. Condolences to his family and his wife, who had launched appeals for him to the viewers of "Chi l'ha visto?" and thanks everyone."

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