TX Ivan Puchote (20) - Wimberly TX, 2006

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    Ivan Puchote

    Endangered Missing from Wimberly, Texas since September 29, 2006

    Age: 20 -- Height: 5'8" -- Weight: 200 lbs -- Hair Color: Black -- Eye Color: Brown

    Ivan has a tattoo of a 3 by 4 inch triangle and the words "Hecho En Mexico" on his right shoulder. He has a 7-inch scar on his lower abdomen. He may use the last name Garcia-Puchote or Puchote-Garcia.

    Ivan was last seen in front of a Catholic church in Wimberly, Texas on September 29, 2006. He was driving his car, accompanied by a friend, when he pulled into the church parking lot followed by two men in a white 1998 Ford Explorer. The men were allegedly throwing bottles at Ivan's car. Ivan's friend ran away after they parked, and Ivan got into an altercation with the men. Ivan has never been seen again.

    Authorities went to the church parking lot and found Ivan's car with broken windows and covered in blood. They later found the Ford Explorer abandoned west of Wimberly, with blood in the rear cargo area. Investigators have stated that they know the identities of the men seen fighting with Ivan, but their names have not been released. Ivan is believed to have been murdered.

    Texas DPS


    Charley Project
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