JAH - 30 years ago today: reggae's brightest star Bob Marley died

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    Another of those "ya know, it just doesn't seem possible" anniversaries: Bob Marley died thirty years ago today, on 11 May 1981.

    For some, Bob Marley might be the only reggae performer they've heard of. He's certainly the best-known of the many great artists in the genre.

    Reggae is a music I love, and, though Marley came close, I heard it before I heard him - Desmond Dekker's great single "Israelites," on Top 40 radio in 1969.

    But then Bob Marley and the Wailers came to rule the first years of the 1970s and in the years to follow became the first breakout Jamaican performers to cross over and find a U.S. market. It's with a great deal of thanks to him that I and others remember him on this, the 30th anniversary of his death.

    Bob Marley playlist: From global hits to Tom Jones covers (Guardian)
    much more at Guardian link above, including "a playlist of hits, obscurities and surprising cover versions"

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    In memory of Bob Marley and another great reggae artist and fellow Wailer

    My last Border Collie was named after a Wailer song, Kaya

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