James Brown Trustee Untrustworthy?

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    Something funky's up with Papa's money bag.

    A lawyer representing James Brown's estate told a South Carolina judge that millions of dollars the late Godfather of Soul made during his legendary career, which should have been in the coffers of his company, James Brown Enterprises, are missing, including funds for his I Feel Good charitable trust.

    As a result, all eyes are now on Brown's former financial adviser, David Cannon, who in refusing to answer questions regarding how he handled the singer's business affairs, invoked his Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate himself, per the Augusta Chronicle.

    Cannon, who was forced to step down as an estate trustee earlier this year because of allegations that he misappropriated upwards of $7 million of the entertainer's earnings, was grilled for six hours by Louis Levenson, an Atlanta-based lawyer representing several of Brown's adult children and grandchildren. .....


    This happens a lot more than it should.
    I have zero compared to JB, but this story reminds
    me I need to educate myself about finances asap! :doh:
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