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Discussion in 'JonBenet Ramsey' started by JBRMod2, May 17, 2006.

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    When we moderate the forum, we are checking for unacceptable content - anything that is likely to offend or inflame others. It doesn't matter who has made the post - the same TOS are applied to everyone.

    Posts are often deleted or edited if they are in breach of TOS but this is done discreetly and a PRIVATE message is sent to the member(s) concerned. We don't allow moderation issues to get in the way of the discussion.

    Typically, a first offense would usually be edited although this largely depends on whether we have time to do so. A post is more likely to be deleted than edited if the member has had posts edited/deleted before. Repeat offenders may be suspended or banned if a final warning has been issued. A log of moderation activity is kept in the Admin area.

    The rules are the same for everyone - unlike other forums where there are clearly different rules depending on your POV. Crucially, we never make a public show of any disciplinary action whether that be by warning an individual via a public post, discussing one member with another or by starting threads to bash individuals. Occasionally, a blanket reminder may be given on a "hot thread".

    We try our best, but we aren't reading the forum 24/7. Sometimes we don't pick up an inflammatory comment until it is pointed out to us. Sometimes we don't pick it up until there have been several heated responses and then we will delete the offending post as well as the responses.

    The bottom line is - 1)if you include any inflammatory or ad-hominem comments in a post, then you run the risk of having the entire post deleted and 2)no-one is above moderation. We believe that the consistent application of these fair rules is what makes this a great and safe forum to post on.
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