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    I’m new to Websleuths so I apologize if I do anything wrong. I just had a question/thought concerning Jennie’s brother, Frank Sipraini, if anyone out there has more information or related ideas. Is it possible he could be the “brother Frankie” mentioned in the photo sent of the man they believed to be Louis? The photo was specifically addressed to Jennie too.

    From all the facts and videos I’ve read about the case, I’m surprised no one has talked much about Jennie’s brother. He seems like a plausible suspect. I believe he was one of her relatives from Florida that George suspected and investigated. One of the witnesses claimed to see Florida licence plates which also points him to be a suspect.

    If anyone has any more information or their own thoughts on this it would be greatly appreciated. As mentioned, I know George did investigate him, but I’m surprised the family didn’t do more follow ups considering the evidence does point to him as a possible suspect. Thank you.
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