Jennifer Aniston Gets Big Congrats From Courteney Cox, Baby Soon?

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    Though still an unofficial and unconfirmed couple, Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston were snapped outside Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills by photographers taking a cigarette break.

    Joining them on the smoke break were two of Jen's best pals and trusted confidants, Courteney Cox and Jen's friend and hair dresser Chris McMillan.

    Overheard - a hearty congratulations from Courteney.

    A published report from Star Magazine gives details that Jen had a secret to tell her two friends. After some prodding, Jen leaned over and whispered in Courteney's ear. It was not clear what Jen said but an onlooker tells the Star that Court gave Jen a big hug and 'squealed' (that's right squealed) "Congratulations."

    And the mystery begins.

    --Is Jen pregnant? Unlikely as the American beauty was recently spotted enjoying some cocktails while out.

    --Marriage to Vince? There are many rumors, but zero confirmation. And no visible ring.
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