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    Link includes . . .

    October 5th: Local Media Interview
    Lisa Irwin's parents appeal for safe return of daughter - YouTube

    October 6th: Local Media Interview
    Baby Lisa's Parents Take Questions From Reporters - YouTube

    Jeremy Fox News Phone Interview

    October 7th: Today Show DB&JI


    October 9th (posted on October 9th, interview was an earlier date):
    Judge Jeanine cut up into segments.

    October 17th:
    Megyn Kelly interview in segments. A big thing that irks me about this interview is that Megyn Kelly announced that the interview was almost 2 hours long. We have only seen about 15 minutes of it.


    Today Show

    Good morning America

    People magazine Oct31st issue:


    Links to the Dr.Phil interview:

    Other links:

    Where is Lisa?

    Lisa Irwin Dr.Phil Transcript:

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    Dr.Phil: Joining us via satellite from New York with their attorney, Joe Tacopina. So, folks, thanks so much for being here. Let me start out by asking you, Deb, you guys haven't done any talking about this for the last 90 plus days. Tell me why.

    DB: Well, um, we wanted them to be able to investigate. Things to quiet down, have some leads looked into. And then, when we were ready to, if they were going to be exhausted or nothing came of them, then we started to do media again. So, that's why.

    Dr.Phil: Alright, during that time, uh, did anything come up that has shed new light? Is there anything that we don't know that during that 90 days, did in fact develop?

    DB: Yes. But I'm not going to speak about it.

    JoeT: Uh, Dr.Phil, I can enlighten you a little bit on that. There were, um, a lot of people coming forward, and, you know, there was some substantial leads that were developed including 3, and I repeat, 3 witnesses who saw an individual in the area, uh, walking around various parts of that suburb of Kansas City with a baby in a diaper and nothing more. At midnight, at two in the morning and four in the morning. Independent, absolutely credible witnesses who don't know the family or anyone else, made 3 independent sightings. To me, that is powerful evidence that there is leads that are out there that need to be followed.

    Dr.Phil: Alright, now, let's talk about these sightings that you are talking about. I understand that, at least one of those, there's actually video tape, uh, of a person walking and it was forty-five degrees out, and I believe one of these sightings was a person in just a shirt and pants, carrying a baby. No coat, no blankets, not anything in forty-five degrees out. Is, is that true?

    JoeT: That's accurate. Actually, it's a direct trajectory away from the house. The first sighting was around, you know, a little after midnight, close by to the, to uh, Deb and Jeremy's house. Uh, then we see that videotape around 2 in the morning at a gas station which is a little further away, but it's also near a wood-uh, wooded area, right behind the gas station where you see that individual disappear into. Very nearby a dumpster where there was a fire that night, and scorched baby clothes were in. Then, a little further down the road, about two hours later, Mike Thompson, another individual witness, driving, sees a man matching the same description as the individual by the Irwin home, carrying a baby with just a diaper on. That is- you know, I've been a prosecutor and a defense lawyer, that is pretty powerful evidence that there are answers out there.

    Dr.Phil: Alright, so, so your theory is that these three sightings are very likely the same person, and they are in a trajectory away from the house, that at a walking pace, would have put these people in position A, B, and C moving away from the home and with an eyewitness saying they had a baby in their arms?

    JoeT: Uh, multiple eyewitnesses, that's right.

    Dr.Phil: Three different eyewitnesses, okay. Jeremy, what is your theory about what happened here?

    JI: All I know is that someone came into our house and took her for some reason. And all I know is that she is still out there. Somewhere.

    Dr.Phil: And how is the community treating you two as a couple at this point? Uh, are they supportive? Are the suspicious?

    JI: Um, it's a little bit of both. There is a lot of people that are coming forward and helping, supporting, etc. Uh, there is also a lot of people that are out there and don't have a lot of information and make ridiculous accusations. But, uh.

    Dr.Phil: It's been reported that police have tried to get the two of you to interview separately from each other. Has this happened yet?

    JoeT: Not only has it happened, it's happened repeatedly. Five times. We've totaled it, it's about 40 hours of interviews, both separate and apart. They've asked every question twice and three times. They have no other information. And they have repeatedly given the same information to authorities. And here is the problem: we're working both with the FBI and local law enforcement is involved as well, and I don't know how well those two organizations are working together. The feds have been very open with us. The FBI has done I think a good job in trying to track down and eliminate certain things but, uh, the Kansas City PD have not been, you know, open with this family. I mean, it's okay for law enforcement to start with Deb and Jeremy as suspects, if you will, by looking at them. But to jump to conclusions within an hour without having any information, you know, I'm not going to let them sit prey to some uh, you know, accusation-

    Dr.Phil: Of course-

    JoeT: -you know, session.

    Dr.Phil: Of course. And I understand. This is exactly why I want to ask these
    questions. Because if there is misinformation out there, then you are clearing it up in a major way here. So-

    JoeT: And that is why they are here. That is why they're here, by the way-

    Dr.Phil: But they are not talking. You're talking. So-

    JoeT: Well, because you are asking certain questions that we have decided are going to be handled by me. Now, if your producers had a problem with that, then, you know, (inaudible) we're here.

    Dr.Phil: I, uh, we wanted you to be here but I do want to know what they have to say about the situation as well. And, um, I'm curious. At this point, Deb, Jeremy, do ya'll feel that you've gotten a fair shake from the Kansas City Police Department?

    DB: No. I don't.

    Dr.Phil: So you think they jumped to conclusions about you in the beginning as your attorney points out?

    DB: Yeah. And there is nothing but misinformation out there. That's all there is. There is nothing but theories and accusations and..I mean, the internet, there is just people making outright lies. That they seen me do this, or they seen me here. I mean, it's just became a circus. And it's not a joke. It's not a circus. It is not a game. This is my baby.

    Dr.Phil: Alright, listen, that's exactly uh, what I want us to talk about. Because those things that are out there that are misinformation and, you know, Joe, you've been on both sides of, of, these situations. That's nothing but distraction. If they are going down the wrong road then that means they are not going down the right road. And what we want is to find this precious child.

    Most parents say they would do anything to find their child. So why have Lisa's parents been accused of being uncooperative with police? What really happened on the night of October 3rd? I have some serious questions and I want some serious answers.


    (the KMBC videos do not include some of the footage of the inside of the house)

    Dr.Phil: That was baby Lisa's mom showing us the home where she says her 10 month old daughter was sleeping and abducted. She says an intruder must have broken through a torn screen and taken the infant from her crib that fateful night back in October. Now, I'm talking to Lisa's parents, Deborah and Jeremy, today along with their attorney Joe Tacopina from New York. Deb, you said there has been a lot of lies out there and misinformation. Uh, what primarily comes to mind, and lets clear those things up now so people don't have the wrong impression of you or your husband.

    DB: Well, pretty much, the only thing that I'm guilty of is, um, drinking too much. And, even when she comes back, that's something that I have to live with. That I might have heard something and been able to stop them. But, that has been blown so far out of proportion, to me being an alcoholic, which I'm not. Or me being a neglectful parent, which I'm not. I have always put my kids first. And, all three of my kids mean everything to me. And um, just that entire scenario of me drinking outside with a friend, when Lisa was sleeping, my boys were laying down watching a movie, has been blown into such a theatrical giant theory-fest. I mean, everything from I did drugs and then I drank, and something about my anxiety medication mixing with the alcohol which it, it didn't, and it's not a narcotic. Uh, there's theories online that my brother was involved, that he came back over after he left that day, that, um, Jeremy left work early. I mean, it's just, it's insane. It's- what blows my mind, is that the internet can be so helpful in spreading the word, but it can also make- make way for giant rumor mills. And, it doesn't really hurt what they say to me, but when they spread this gossip and these lies, and these insane theories, it keeps people from paying attention when they are at Walmart. When they're at the drugstore. Because somebody is out there with my daughter. And we just want her to come home. And somebody will see her eventually.

    Dr.Phil: Think people jumped on this alcohol thing because you gave an interview on the 5th of October, and you did not mention it at all that you have been drinking-

    DB: No, because it has absolutely nothing to do with her being missing. It's, it's totally irrelevant information as far as I'm concerned. As soon as I was asked about it, I told the truth. I didn't have to-I could have avoided it. I told the truth because I have nothing to hide.

    Dr.Phil: I understand. But on the 5th you didn't mention, and on the 12th there was a video in the store of you buying the alcohol, then on the 17th, you were asked by NBC did you have enough to be drunk and you said I don't know that alcohol changes a person enough to do something like that, uh, so, but you do know uh- you're saying that 5 to 10 glasses of wine that night, uh, were you drunk that night?

    DB: Uh, to me, more than two drinks in an hour means you're drunk.

    Dr.Phil: Okay. But-

    DB: So yes-

    Dr.Phil: You were drunk-

    DB: -I mean-

    Dr.Phil: -do you remember, uh, you reported that the lights in the house were turned off and you went to bed, Jeremy comes home at 4am and all the lights were on. Now, obviously whoever took the baby wouldn't go through the house and turn the lights on-

    DB: No.

    Dr.Phil: -were you just wrong about that? Was Jeremy wrong?

    DB: Here's another thing- here's the thing with that that nobody knows. Because I'm not going to sit on TV, until now when I'm being asked a specific question, and rebuttal it because to me it's just nonsense. It's just picking my words apart and the story apart. But, we didn't compare stories and tell each other about anything that- how we felt, I mean, until days, days later. I mean, our, our daughter is missing, the last thing we are going to sit there and do is talk about it. But when he came in the bedroom that morning and woke me up, and said all the lights are on in the house, it was a total exaggeration. We had, um, track lighting on in the computer room, we had- I had a little tiny lamp that is literally no bigger than this, on in the living room. And then, we had a stove light, the above the stove light on, and the clock radio light on. I mean, there was not a whole lot of lights on at all.

    Dr.Phil: So, Jeremy, you came home at 4 o'clock, is that right?

    JI: Right. I got home about 3:45.

    Dr.Phil: 3:45? Alright. And you didn't have any trouble waking Deborah up at the time, did you?

    JI: Not really. She woke up, and we talked a little bit. She was a little sleepy until I told her to, you know, we need to go ahead and get uh, our youngest boy in his own bed. And uh, then when I said, you know, what's going on with the lights being on and stuff, and the windows open, that's when she kind of snapped too and we realized something was wrong.

    Dr.Phil: Were there more lights on then you had left on, Deb?

    DB: No. Those are all the lights I leave on at night time. And, he follows me around turning them all off. And, he's an electrician so I get complaints a lot about lights being on and things like that, and he wasn't there that night. So.

    Dr.Phil: You do remember this, though?

    DB: Yes sir.

    Dr.Phil: Okay, good. What ya'll are saying is that this is two different descriptions of the same lighting pattern, so to speak?

    DB: Absolutely.

    Dr.Phil: So you don't see this as an inconsistency at all?

    DB: No.

    Dr.Phil: Okay, we have to take a quick break. We'll be right back.

    Mike Lerette: The most difficult part of this whole ordeal has been the juggling act between the media, law enforcement, the lawyers. Trying to keep some kind of normalcy. Every day it's a trial. We're not giving up and uh, we'll find her.

    Dr.Phil: Well, that was baby Lisa's uncle talking about how hard it's been since she went missing almost 4 months ago. Now, today, I'm talking to Lisa's parents Deborah and Jeremy via satellite and their attorney, Joe Tacopina, about what happened that horrific night and why they believe baby Lisa is still out there. One of the big things that jumps out is, and let me kind of go through the progression, Deb, on the 11th, in a Fox news interview, you say you checked in on baby Lisa around 10:30. But then, on October 17th, six days later, you told Megyn Kelly that you put her down at 6:40 and that was the last time you saw her and you don't remember checking on her or not. So, there's been a lot made of that inconsistency, did you see her for the last time at 6:40 or did you see her the last time at 10:30?

    DB: I don't think it's an inconsistency when I say I put her to bed at 6:40 and I possibly checked on her at 10:30. I don't think that's an inconsistency, I think that I'm being honest and saying I'm not sure if I checked on her or not but I know she went to bed at 6:40.

    Dr.Phil: Is that a normal bedtime for her?

    DB: Um, usually she goes to bed around eight. Um, all my kids do. But she hadn't been feeling well, she wasn't super sick or anything, she was clearing up an ear infection and a cold. And she seemed to be doing okay but, I put her down a little bit early that night because she was kind of fussy and she was rubbing her eyes and stuff, so she went to bed a little bit early but other than that she was fine.

    Dr.Phil: But, you don't recall whether you checked on her at 10:30 or not?

    DB: No. People don't understand just how difficult it is to wake up and find that somebody has came into your house, taken your baby and then you are accused of doing something to her or covering something up or whatever theories, insane theories they come up with, or have come up with, and then I do all this media and be on TV for the purpose, of hoping and praying that somebody sees it, that has seen someone with her, and it is literally impossible to remember every single detail and say it exactly the same every single time and there are so many hateful people or negative people who have picked all that apart, and I understand the looking at the mother thing because the world we live in today isn't always a safe and happy place, there are a lot of crazy people, there are a lot of bad parents, and a lot of things happen, accidents happen, so I understand why they looked at me in the beginning, and I also understand with the drinking why some of the public had made accusations and drew that out and made scenarios with it and all that, I understand it, but it's time to come to a reasoning that enough is enough, that my daughter is missing, that she is okay somewhere because nobody kidnaps a ten month old, beautiful little girl to hurt her, she is out there somewhere and I am desperate to find her, I am clinging on to a shred of sanity here, I just want my daughter home. I want people to realize to take a step back and look, if I had done something I'd be in jail right now, Joe doesn't save me from jail, it doesn't work that way. And I understand that most of America doesn't understand the justice system, or understand how this stuff happens or how media works until something terrible happens to them, or they have to use law enforcement, or use the media, but it is so much bigger, and so much more different than you could even imagine. And I just wish people would open up their minds to the entire bigger picture here. And just help me find my daughter. That's all I want.

    Dr.Phil: Were you told that you failed a LDT?

    DB: I was told that.

    Dr.Phil: -Do you know whether you did or not-

    DB: -I have not seen the results. And my lawyer - they would- they did not confirm it with my lawyer, and they did not show me the results.

    JoeT: No. I spoke to them about that, Dr. Phil, and, of course, you know, they said, "Well, we never said she failed a polygraph test." We never said she failed a polygraph test. Well, somebody did tell her that. And, you know, I understand LE tactics. As a former LE official, I would oftentimes - and understand that detectives are permitted to give misinformation to people during interviews for interrogation purposes. I thought maybe, perhaps they thought if they told her that, she would crumple onto the floor and say, "Okay, fine, I did it." That didn't happen. She didn't fail a polygraph test, number one. Number two, you know, whether or not they did tell her that or they were authorized to, it was confirmed to me that, in fact, there was no failed polygraph by Deborah. And again, that's just another one of those facts that was put out there and, unfortunately, bandied about for about a week, which gives people a misperception and also distract, distracts from the real evidence in this case.

    Dr.Phil: So let me be very clear, she did not fail a polygraph when they asked her, "Do you know what happened to your baby?" She did not fail that polygraph, although it's been reported that she was told she did?

    JoeT: That is 100% accurate. She did not fail a polygraph, and I defy them to show us a failed polygraph. They told me she didn't.

    Dr.Phil: Okay, uh, gonna talk a quick break and then we'll move on. An anonymous benefactor hired an investigator to help find baby Lisa, and he says as far as he is concerned, baby Lisa is still out there. We're going to find out what he has to say about that next. And I've got some questions about some of the police investigation. We'll be right back.


    BS: First, I want to thank you, because you've obviously done your homework. And you are really dedicating time to this case. I really appreciate it as I'm sure the family does. The anonymous benefactor, uh, it is a female and she is a philanthropic person and there is a connection to a family member of the Irwin family. I was watching just like everyone else, and she called me up and she said, "You know someone. I introduced you to this person." and she said, "I want you to go out there and find that baby." She said, "You do what you do and get this baby back." And she has been behind this effort with me 110%, the whole way.

    Dr.Phil: It is my understanding that you said you would take this case, with the understanding that if it leads right back to these parents, that's just where it leads.

    BS: That's right. I did not want to take this case for the parents. Because, quite frankly, I went- when I got on the plane, I thought they did it. Uh, uh, you all know statistically, people who are in this game know, there is a high percentage that it was more than likely mother and/or father. And I said I will take the case if my client is the truth. And I will go where that takes me. And, it's important to note, when I first got boots on the ground and I met the Irwin family, both Jeremy and Deborah, I said to them, sat on the couch and looked them right in the eye, and I said "I'm not here for you. I'm here for Lisa." and if that takes me to you as the guilty party, I'm going to come for you. And without hesitation they said "Help us find our baby."

    Dr.Phil: You said whenever you got on the plane you thought they did it?

    BS: Yes. Investigators are human beings. We all go in with our inherent prejudices. But fact patterns are fact patterns, facts are facts, timeline is timeline. And the deeper I drill down into this case, the more it comes from outside the home.

    Dr.Phil: Deb, the police came in with cadaver dogs. Uh, and it has been reported that they had a hit in the bedroom on the rug in the master bedroom, where you say you fell asleep. So, what actually took place there, and what do you have to say about the fact that they say the cadaver dogs had a positive hit?

    DB: Well, I'll let Joe take this, but I want to say this first. That nothing is missing from my bedroom where this supposed hit happened, um, they didn't take not a thing from my room. That carpet, that everybody seen on the news being hauled up from the bottom of my driveway, came from a barn in the back of the house. So if a cadaver dog hit, why didn't they take anything with them? Why is there no evidence?

    JoeT: We brought in the nations number one cadaver dog expert, if you will, and what he told me was that there's no such thing as a hit for a dead body. What a cadaver dog can detect is uh, basically, dead skin cells, or deteriorating or not living DNA, so what the d- the expert told me, was that if there was a diaper in that room, when she changed her babies diaper, some fecal matter got onto the rug, even the slightest bit, not even detectable by the human eye, that is enough to cause a dog to wag his tail or do what he does.

    Dr.Phil: Let's talk about your phones. It was reported, and again, I'm prefacing this with what was reported, at 11:57 pm, a 50 second phone call was made or attempted to be made from Deborah's cellphone to the phone of a woman named Megan Wright. Now, I understand that you can't make outgoing calls on your cellphone, is that correct, Deb?

    DB: That's correct. At that point in time the phone was, what they call uh, hotlined or redlined. Which means that we hadn't paid the bill so the only thing that could be done with that phone is incoming texts and incoming phone calls. And let me just say this: I do not know Megan Wright. I do not know the people she associates with. There would be absolutely not a reason in this world for me to call her, and all of my phone records back up the fact that number was never called from my phone, in a text, or calling directly.

    Dr.Phil: Now, we do know on two other occasions, that, according to reports, that Verizon confirms that someone tried to access voice mail and internet at like 2 or 3 in the morning, a couple of hours after this, and were unable to do so. So apparently, someone had the phones, were the phones on the counter when you went to bed?

    DB: Yes sir.

    Dr.Phil: And they were gone when you got up?

    DB: Yes sir.

    Dr.Phil: So, someone took the baby and the cell phones.

    DB: Yeah, and the cell phones are right there. Right underneath the clock radio where the light shines directly on them. And, I'm sorry, go ahead Joe.

    Dr.Phil: Go ahead Joe.

    JoeT: Well, doctor, what I want to say is we are missing a vital point on these phones. The person who was called, this Megan Wright, not only does Deb not know her, she has gone on national TV and told law enforcement that she doesn't know Deborah. Once you start investigation by narrowly focusing on one thing, you get pigeon holed in that investigation. You're supposed to start investigation by casting a wide net, letting the evidence take you in a direction. But if you start with a conclusion, and then look for evidence to back it up, that is where you fail. And, unfortunately, in this case, that is clearly what happened.

    Dr.Phil: Okay, we have to take a quick break. We're going to take a look at a police reenactment of how someone may have gotten into this house the night the baby went missing. We'll be right back.


    Dr.Phil: Jeremy, when you came home that night, the front door was open, correct? It was unlocked?

    JI: It was unlocked, yeah.

    Dr.Phil: Why would the theory be that they went through the window when the door was open?

    JoeT: Exactly. And they've never actually said "Here's what happened, they went in through the window." But I will tell you this, there was also another point of entry, that no one seemed to focus on, you know, the garage door, was actually off the tracks, it was a door that all you had to do was, with a pinky, lift it up. It hadn't been locked, it was a very light aluminum garage door in the back of the house. Even if the door was locked when Deborah went to bed, obviously someone could unlock it and leave the house, as they did with those phones and unfortunately Lisa.

    Dr.Phil: Bill, what is your theory? What happened here?

    BS: Well doc, I have a multitude. And, they'll be talking heads, and they'll stay focused on Deborah, they'll say "she's guilty, she did it." My counter to that is okay, tell me how. And guess what? You hear crickets. What I look at, is I'm looking at a character, who had been known to break into houses. Guess how? Through windows. So, and we don't know if it's just one person. I think someone either went through the window or the door, and they saw a crime of opportunity. I think they saw that Jeremy's work van was gone, and it was frequented by someone that would see the pattern, and want more than a homeless person or a petty criminal. And I think they saw the phones, and they take cash and carry, and then they saw that child. And, that child was taken for a reason. You don't take a child, at that age, to abuse it. You take it to covet it, or to sell it. And that is where my head is at.

    Dr.Phil: So, come on, what is the theory, if all of this is true: we've got three independent eyewitnesses with a matching description of this person, come on, why are they not doing something?

    BS: Well, I'd like to believe- I'm not going to condemn any law enforcement. I'd like to believe that they know stuff that we don't. I wish they would share it, but that is their call. Uh, it's obviously, by law enforcement, my guess would be a cold case, so release what you have. But that is up to them. But the facts that you are presenting is what every body knows. There is a hundred thousand dollar reward for information leading to the return and/or resolution of this case. And, the fact that there is the baby out there still, and still getting attention, I put it all as positive, and I do thank you for this.

    Dr.Phil: Why did you wait a long time before the other two boys were allowed to speak to the police?

    JoeT: Well, that's another, Dr.Phil, another real misstatement of information that has been floated out there to sort of condemn them, and these two guys here, Deborah and Jeremy, have never refused anything. They let them search there house, repeatedly, as often as they wanted without a warrant.

    DB: They still have my house keys.

    JoeT: Their cars, they wanted to search them? Sure, come in. They wanted to take hair samples from family members, from them. They didn't say no to anything and then when the boys were interviewed, initially, both independently, they were interviewed for a period of about 5 and a half hours. What we simply said was this: we want to make sure that the best interest of the children, our priority here, make sure this is not done by law enforcement, but a child psychiatrist, someone who understands how to communicate with children without traumatizing them. And in fact, that is what they did. They went back, uh, without us there, they did another question and answer period with a very qualified individual from the FBI, who questioned the two boys. Again, we put no limitations on anything. They questioned them and were satisfied. So, nothing they have been holding back, except they wanted this to be done in a way that was productive and not harmful to those boys.

    Dr.Phil: I have to take a break and I understand Jeremy and Deborah, very understandably, have some questions for me when we come back.

    Pt. 5

    Dr.Phil: Deb, and Jeremy, do you have any questions for me?

    DB: Um, it's really really hard. Um, because everyday I wake up and I think about her. And when I go to sleep I think about her. And, it's almost everything I can do to stay sane. And then my boys, um, they talk about her all the time, and they ask about her. And I just keep telling them, you know, we're never going to stop looking. We're going to find her. She's coming home. I just don't know when. And, my question is, when they do bring it up, and they talk about her, um, how do I, how do I help them get through this? Because I'm really scared that this is going to do permanent damage to them. Even when she comes home, I know they are going to need therapy and we're going to have to work together to bring our family back as a unit and try to find normalcy again someday, but what do I do in the meantime to help them get through all this?

    Dr.Phil: Well, you are asking a very relevant question and you're quite right. You guys are hoping for a new normal because when something like this happens to you, normal as you knew it is a thing of the past. And, what I would encourage you to do, uh, with these boys, is to be open about this. I would have pictures of her around the house. If they want to cry about her, that's okay. You shouldn't hide your tears. You also want to celebrate her as well, and let them tell funny stories. You don't want to focus just on the pain of her missing, but also on the celebration of her life. Honor her memory and pray that she is going to return, but you've got to have an open dialogue with them about this. And Deborah, you do feel guilty if you're not thinking about her for a minute, don't you?

    DB: Yeah. All the time.

    Dr.Phil: And you might find yourself laughing at something silly that's on television in the background or something and you go oh my god, how could I do that? You can do it because there is a part of us that finds a way to strike a balance. To strike a balance so we can survive our suffering. You shared with us some never before seen photos when baby Lisa was first born. And I do want to honor her and focus on her some. Let's take a look at these pictures and talk to me about what your feelings were at that time and what your hopes and dreams were. What did you think when you held her in your arms for the first time?

    DB: How lucky I was. How beautiful she was. How I've always wanted a little girl and I finally got her.

    Dr.Phil: Jeremy, this is you holding her, I believe for the first time.

    JI: Yeah.

    Dr.Phil: What were you thinking in that moment?

    JI: I was just uh, she was perfect. And uh, it was uh, emergency c-section, so they made me wait out in the hallway. And uh- I was just, uh, I was hysterical. And uh, it seemed like everything was going to be alright from there on out. That our family was complete. And..just, my little girl.

    Dr.Phil: We're seeing a wonderful picture of her now, with her big bright eyes and her little hat on. What a cutie pie. What a cutie pie. If, whatever took place here, took place, and someone has this baby right now, you can imagine how much they would fall in love with this baby, and how much they would want to have this baby. But it's not their baby.

    DB: No. She's not.

    Dr.Phil: So Deb, if someone has this baby, what would you say to them?

    DB: Please look beyond what you want and what you need. And what- and look at what she needs. What she wants. And she needs and wants to be with her parents and with her brothers. And um, we love her and her brothers more than anything in this world. And, we are dying here. It's been over three months and I would do anything to see her again. And, there's a hundred thousand dollars of reward for anybody that knows anything. You could be doing Lisa justice in bringing her back to her family where she belongs. All you have to do is call 816-474-TIPS. And, to the people that have her, you can take her to a church, a hospital, any where and just drop her off, no questions asked. We don't want you. We want her. Just please, please bring her home.
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    The transcripts and links to some of the early interviews can be found in the thread, "compare the parents' statements to the media"

    Link to Sherbie's summary of the Dr. Phil show:
    [ame="http://www.websleuths.com/forums/showpost.php?p=7565302&postcount=8"]Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community - View Single Post - Deborah Bradley & Jeremy Irwin - Dr. Phil Interview - 3 February 2012 #2[/ame]
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    The youtube links didn't work in the original post, here are those:

    Oct 6th:
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0Lmy0Q5U_k"]Baby Lisa's Parents Take Questions From Reporters - YouTube[/ame]
    Oct 5th:
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GgWrHZgmuU"]Lisa Irwin's parents appeal for safe return of daughter - YouTube[/ame]

    and I had missed these two:

    Oct 7th another GMA interview:

    Oct 9th, part of the Judge Jeanine interview:
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    More clips from MK interview
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    These are transcripts and links to every DB and JI interview and statement, to the best of my ability. I've compiled this over the last month or so, through very in depth searching for videos and articles. If you notice anything missing please do not hesitate to let me know. A very special thanks to not_my_kids for the transcripts she did. :rocker:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GgWrHZgmuU&feature=related"]Lisa Irwin's parents appeal for safe return of daughter - YouTube[/ame]

    October 5th First Plea. Thanks to not_my_kids for the transcript.

    JI: “Monday night, or Tuesday morning, our daughter Lisa was taken from our home. Um, we just urge anyone that has any kind of information to, as to where she is or who she’s with, or anything, to please call the, uh, Tip Hotline or the police. And anything, even the smallest bit of information could help lead to her return. Uh, anybody that might have her, uh, uh, they can drop her off at any place safe, fire station, or hospital, or a church, no questions asked. We are, uh, just want her back.”

    DB: “We just want our baby back. Please, bring her home. Our two other boys are waiting for her, please, just drop her off anywhere. We don’t care, just somewhere safe so she can come home, please.”

    JI: “We uh, wanted to thank everyone that’s out here, the Kansas City police, the FBI, and search and rescue, and all the volunteers that are helping with the investigation. And um, The Center of Missing Children, and, uh, just ask you to keep her in her thoughts and prayers and help her bring her home.”

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0Lmy0Q5U_k&feature=player_embedded"]Baby Lisa's Parents Take Questions From Reporters - YouTube[/ame]

    October 6th Second Local Media interview. Thanks to not_my_kids for the

    DB: “ [first few words are inaudible] …no questions asked, just drop her off with somebody, at a hospital, a church, the fire department, the police station, anywhere. Just please bring her home.”

    Reporter: “Jeremy, as we understand, you came home in the overnight hours. What did you find at 4 a.m., when you walked in the door?”

    JI: “When I came home from work, the front door was unlocked, most of the lights were on in the house, and the window was, in the front, was open. Obviously, all very unusual and then I started checking on the kids. Checked on the boys first, and then we checked on her, that’s when we realized she was gone.”

    Reporter: Can you imagine Jeremy, or remember, anyone that would want to take your daughter, who would want to harm you, or anything like that?”

    DB: “No.”

    JI: “No.”

    DB: “The only thing I can think of is, you know, maybe somebody wanted a baby, and she…I hope that’s what it is.”

    Reporter: “What do you want to tell that person, other than dropping them off, I mean, what do you want to tell them about Lisa?”

    DB: “Um, she’s, she’s everything. She’s our little girl, she’s the center of our family and she’s, she means everything to my boys, and we, we c, we need her home. I can’t, I can’t be without her.”

    Reporter: “Deborah, how are you explaining to the, to the two boys what is happening? And how are they taking all this in?”

    DB: “Um, um, I, the, I just try to tell them that we’re gonna stay strong, we’re a family, we’re gonna pray, and, uh, she’s gonna come home. That we have to be strong for her.”

    Reporter: “I understand that you were showing pictures to the boys and you call her Pumpkin Pie. Can you talk to us about that and about what the boys are saying, what they are wondering?”

    DB: “Um…”

    JI:” They just every time we talk to somebody, the police or anything, they run up and give us a hug and say, ‘Did they find her yet?’ We always tell them, ‘Not yet, not yet.’ That’s the only thing we know to tell them. Its…”

    Reporter: “Can you talk about what’s in your hand here?”

    JI: “Um, this is her Barney that she sleeps with every night. She, sometimes, she won’t go to sleep without it. So, um, I’d like to have her back, so she can have her Barney, and her family, her brothers. Just, we need her home.”

    Reporter: “Did it look like anything was disturbed in her room? Did anything look out of place, other than her not being there?”

    DB: “No. No. It’s like they just walked in and just g, just disappeared.”

    JI: “They took her and took all of our phones so we couldn’t call anybody.”

    Reporter: “They took your cell phones?”

    JI: “Yeah. They took all the phones.”

    DB: “They were on the counter in the kitchen. And there was, uh, whenever we, we woke up, I woke up, and he came home and I was, and he said, ‘She’s not in her crib” and I said, “What do you mean she’s not in the crib?’. And I just knew, you know, something was really wrong. We’re running around the house and we’re screaming for her, and she was nowhere, and then I said, “Call 911, call 911,” and he said, “Where are the phones?’ And they weren’t on the counter where I left them, they were gone.”

    Reporter: “Did the boys hear anything at all? You said you, you, you had to wake the boys. Did, did they not hear anything coming in the window, or…?”

    JI: “Uh, I don’t think so. The window that was open is nowhere near their bedroom, so, I don’t think they heard anything or, they’re both pretty heavy sleepers.”

    Reporter: “What on the other side of that window that was left opened? Is that the living room window, the bedroom window?”

    DB: “It’s actually the computer room where, it’s an extra living room.”

    JI: “Computer room.” [DB is talking over him.]

    Reporter: “As another day has passed now, how do you, how do you move forward with police being here, with your lives being…? I mean, have you had any sleep, tell us what you do today.”

    DB: “Uh, uh, I’ve had a couple hours, but, um, not much. I mean, I close my eyes and I see her. I can’t… But I mean, we’re just trying to hold it together for, for our boys and for her. Just, you know, stay strong for her, so that we can try to think of anything, or anyone, or, any reason that this might have happened, and we still haven’t, but…”

    Reporter: “Are you saying both your phones were taken as well?”

    DB: “Yeah, um, three, three were taken. Um, 1 wasn’t even working, and it was sitting up there next to the other ones, I was reprogramming, I mean, all the numbers and all three of them were gone.”

    Reporter: “What else was missing from your home? Anything else?”

    DB: “We didn’t, we didn’t look, but, I don’t think so.”

    JI: “Nothing that we know of.”

    DB: “I mean, we called the cops, we ran outside, we waited for them, and you know, he was looking around outside, and I was just, you know, just holding my boys and they were crying and asking ‘What’s going on?’, ‘Where’s she at, why is she gone?’ and I mean , you know, and, the police came and I waved them down, I mean, I didn’t even check to, around the house. I didn’t think to care about any of that, I still don’t.”

    Reporter: “Do you remember your last moments with Lisa? I mean, what were you doing? What was it like?”

    DB: “Just change her, you know, put fresh clothes on her, and get her ready for bed, and gave her her bottle, and made sure her binky was in her crib in case she needed it, and she sleeps with her Barney, and she sleeps with her GloWorm and her blanket and that was, that was it.”

    Reporter: “Are you hopeful that you are going to find her soon?”

    DB: “I’m terrified, but I’m trying to be hopeful.”

    Reporter: “You folks said that you, you didn’t know anybody that would do this, but did you notice anyone that had, maybe, an unusual interest in your child?”

    DB: “I know everybody loves her. I mean, I go to the store and everybody says she’s beautiful, you know, and you, she likes everybody, she’s really playful and she’s, uh, really sweet, and, um, she’ll go to almost anyone. I mean, so I, I mean, anything beyond that, no.”

    Reporter: “So, it wouldn’t surprise you that she was picked up without crying?”

    JI: “Right.”

    DB: “Well, yeah, she was sleeping and you, I mean…” [talking over JI]

    JI: “…move her around and she won’t even…(inaudible)”

    DB: “Sometimes she cries, it depends on how, how long of sleep she’s had, but, I mean, if you pick her up and you cuddle with her, she probably won’t cry.”

    [Varied reporters thanking them for the interview.]

    DB: “Thank you for coming out.”


    October 6th Today Show interview

    Q: You just heard Peter report that there are no suspects and no strong leads. So, what are police telling you about where your baby girl is?

    DB: Nothing. Nothing at all. We- they say they have, uh, they have some tips from the tips hotline. They-they're looking and doing everything they can but, nothing.

    Q: Have they told you what those tips might be, Jeremy?

    JI: No. They haven't given us any information. I think they're too busy following up leads and working on things, so. We don't know a whole lot. Just hoping that we get her back soon.

    Q: Have they been questioning you about who you may know, who from your past, if there is anyone in your wider circle, your community, who would want to take your little girl? Have they been asking you those questions?

    DB: Yes.

    JI: Yeah, they've been asking us nonstop. We've been trying to think of anything we can that can help. So far, not a whole lot.

    Q: And I know the detectives have been at your home and they've taken away bags, what I understand are considered evidence. Do you know what they are looking for? What they took from your home?

    DB: No. W-we don't have any idea.

    Q: You heard in the story we just ran that, you know, in addition to the pain of missing your daughter, you're also being asking by police some tough questions. Because, in their effort, they sort of need to leave no stone unturned. So, what do you have to say about their effort to even question you about whether you know something about your daughters disappearance. Jeremy, do you want to take that question?

    JI: They uh- we were down at the police station for most of the day the other day. Just- going over everything and making sure that we've got all the information that we have. Giving them everything we can time and time again so hopefully, hopefully something can bring her home.

    Q: Do you want to say anything about this question that they're asking, even you about, whether you had anything to do with your daughters disappearance?

    JI: No, I mean, obviously we- we don't. We don't where she is or who took her. We just need her back.

    Q: To that end, Deborah, let me ask you about that. What would you like to say to whoever may have your daughter? If that person is watching today.

    DB: Um, we're a close family. And my boys miss her. Me and her father miss her. Everybody- everybody loves her. We have a good family and she needs to be with us. Please, please being her home. Drop her off anywhere safe. A fire department, a church, uh, um, police station, just bring her somewhere safe. No questions asked and we just want our daughter back. We'll do anything to get her.


    October 6th GMA interview Thanks to not_my_kids for the transcript.

    Reporter: “So, so, so, Debbie, try and take us back to the last time you saw Lisa. You put her, you checked in on her around 10:30 Monday night?”

    DB: “Um, Yeah. Between the time she went to bed and the time I went to bed, and uh, I gave her her bottle, I, I, I put her to sleep, and uh, that was the last time we seen her.”

    Reporter: “And Jeremy, you got home just a few hours later and she just wasn’t there.”

    JI: “I returned home from work at around 4 a.m., and windows were open and lights were on, and she was nowhere to be found.”

    Reporter: “Right there, that’s so unusual. The window’s open, the lights on. That wouldn’t be normal at all?”

    DB: “No.”

    JI: “No, the front door was unlocked, also, so…”

    Reporter: “So I know you’ve spent a long time talking to the police. Do you, and wracked your brains. Do you have any idea, any idea of anyone connected to you who might have done this?”

    DB: “That’s the worst part, is we don’t, we don’t have a clue.”

    JI: “We’ve been going over everything in our minds since this happened, we, we just don’t have any idea.”

    [Platitudes from reporter].

    Reporter: “You also have two other, uh, children. What have you been able to tell them? How are they handling all this?”

    DB: “They, uh, they were doing alright for a little while, uh,they, they cried a little bit. Um, when we, we first noticed she was gone, um, they were crying and asking where she was, and, um, my 8 year old, who’s usually really strong, he, he kinda fell apart, and, where’s, we call her, uh, we call her Pumpkin Pie, and he said, ‘Where’s, where is, Pumpkin Pie, Mom?” And I, I couldn’t tell him.”

    Reporter: “Well, we are all praying that whoever took Lisa, brings her back. What do you want to say to that person?”

    DB: “Please, she has a family that loves her very much, and just take her somewhere safe. Take her to a church, a hospital, a fire department, just drop her off with somebody and then leave, no questions asked. We just want our baby back.”


    October 6th Jeremy Fox News Phone interview

    Q: Can you update us at all on this investigation, and how your wife is doing, because I know this has been very very rough on her.

    JI: Yeah. She's..she's trying to hold it together. Um, keeping in contact with the law enforcement and everybody that's come out has been really great to us so far, given us a lot of help, there's guys from every facet of the government out here, helping to look. So, just hoping that something- something happens soon. And, just want to get her back home as quickly as we can.

    Q: Talk to me a little bit about that night. Because, there is an investigation going on-the FBI is involved in this now as I understand, so, your wife, I'm sorry, you're engaged, right?

    JI: Yes, that's correct.

    Q: Engaged to be married. And you have three children, is that correct?

    JI: Yes.

    Q: That night, she put Lisa to bed, correct? And then what happened after that?

    JI: Yeah, um, Deborah put Lisa to bed at 7 or so. Her normal bedtime, and, Deborah checked on her before she went to bed at 10:30. Everything was fine. Um, I arrived home from work at about 4am. And uh, noticed immediately the front door was unlocked, which never is and um, most of the lights in the house were on which was also really weird and found a window in the front of the house open um..

    Q: So the door was unlocked and the window was open and the lights were on and was Deborah still sleeping at that point?

    JI: Yes. Deborah was-Deborah actually had our, she was sleeping in our bed with uh, with our 5 year old son and so..

    Q: And there is no sign of forced entry or was there?

    JI: Um, they don't, they don't really know yet. Um, the screen on the window that was open was broken. But, the police are telling us that that's not a point of entry and I don't know why but um, they're just saying there's no signs. The front door, they're saying the front door was probably left unlocked. So.

    Q: Jeremy, is there anybody that would want to do you or your wife any harm? Anybody that you owe any money to? Anything along those lines?

    JI: No. I mean, we, we can't think of anybody. I mean, we've been, we've been up almost this entire time um, we're just talking to all these people telling story and we can't-we really can't think of anybody. Uh, we've provided another list of-of information to the police yesterday. So, maybe something can come out of that.


    October 7th AP article more@link:


    October 7th GMA Interview Thanks to not_my_kids for the transcript.

    RR: “…You heard, um, in Dan Harris’ report, that the police are claiming that you have stopped cooperating. Is that true, Debbie?”

    DB: “No, not at all. Since this, this, all this has happened, we’ve, um, never stopped cooperating.”

    RR: “Jeremy, what would have led police to believe that you had stopped cooperating? What happened?”

    JI: “We were, we were in interrogation for a really long time Tuesday, and we were there again yesterday answering questions and, I just, I c, couldn’t take it anymore. I told him I had to have a break. I told them I couldn’t do it anymore, and I couldn’t answer any more questions today, and, I, I, I asked to be let go and, so they let us, the let me go from the police station and then, an hour later or so, when we saw the press conference from the, from them…”

    RR: “It’s commonplace, uh, unfortunately, with something like this, that the police look at the family first because you were the last to see your precious little girl, and I know, Debbie, you and Jeremy have told our team on the ground there in Kansas City, led by Dan Harris, Debbie, you have said that the police have accused you outright, have told you that?”

    DB: “From, from the start, they’ve um, when I first, um, when they first questioned me, it, once I, uh, I couldn’t fill in gaps, it turned into, um, you did it, and the, uh, they, uh, they put the picture down of her on the table, and they said, um, ‘Look at your baby,” and, um, ‘Do what’s right for her,” and just tell everybody where she is so she can come home and I kept saying I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know. And it, I, I, 11 hours of it, and I, I just sat there, and I mean, I don’t, I didn’t even ask to leave. I, I didn’t ask for it stop. I wanted it to, but I, I didn’t ask. I just let them keep asking questions until they were done.”

    RR: “And you’ve also told our team that the, the police, they are claiming that you’ve failed a polygraph test. Is that true?”

    DB: “Yeah. Yeah, um, yesterday we went in, or we um, we called, um, someone and told them we, we, we have more, um, suspects. It seemed like they were, um, gonna talk to us in the car, and then they separated us. We don’t want anybody to feel like we, um, we were angry or, or, ungrateful. Um, we, we appreciate everything that everybody has done to try to bring her home, and uh, that’s our main goal. I don’t, I don’t care what they’ve done to me, I don’t care what they say about me, I don’t care what anybody says about me. I just want her to come home. Our, our focus is Lisa, is our Lisa coming home to be with us where she belongs. And whatever I have to do to get her home, we’ll do it.”

    RR: “So both of you, set the record straight, because you know when people hear that the police are claiming all these things and saying that you have stopped cooperating that they become skeptical and suspicious. So, set the record straight right now and reassure people, did you have anything to do with the abduction of your daughter?”

    DB: “Absolutely not.”

    JI: “No.”

    DB: “We b, we do, we want, we cannot stress enough to thank the Kansas City Police Department, because, um, you know, this, this is their job, this is, this is part of the process, and we appreciate everything they’ve done and, and all, all the volunteers and search and rescue and everybody that’s…I mean, we’ve got strangers making up Facebooks in her name and, and, you know, uh, and the FBI has, has done everything and, um, we, we, we, um, if, we’ve, we forgot anyone, we’re sorry, but, um, it’s hard to remember everything right now, but, we really appreciate everything everyone has done and we just, we just want to bring Lisa home.”


    October 7th Today show

    Q: I have rarely seen the police come out and make a statement like the one they made yesterday saying that the parents have stopped cooperating without having a reason to do so. So, why do you think they've made this statement?

    JI: We uh, we were at the station yesterday, um, being interviewed again and I just had reached my- I just had reached my boiling point and I asked 'em, I said, "guys, I-I can't do this anymore today. I need a break. I can't answer anymore questions." Then we asked to leave. And then, the next thing we knew, we- was the press conference yesterday evening. Um, so it was..completely caught us by surprise.

    Q: Let's back up an hour or so. What was the- how would you describe the demeanor of police prior to you saying you'd reached your breaking point or your boiling point. Was it an aggressive questioning? Was it- was there cooperation prior to that point? How were they treating you? How were you responding to them?

    JI: Um, yesterday they- the gentleman that was interviewing me was very nice and um, once I expressed to him several times that I wanted to leave he went ahead and let me go. Um, the other day was a little bit different story but, um, we just, we just want to make sure that we tell everybody that we're, you know, we're still cooperating, we're still talking to the police, um, we're doing everything we can to try to find Lisa and bring her back home.

    DB: Our number one focus is her.

    Q: Debbie, what was the-

    DB:-Above all else. No matter what. It's her.

    Q:-and I understand that. What was your experience with the police? What kind of questions were they asking you? And what was the level of aggressiveness of those questions?

    DB: Um, they, the same thing with uh, with Jeremy, they were, they were really nice yesterday. And um, but it wasn't- It wasn't like that the first time and- we understand that, um, w-we don't have any hard feelings. We're not-we're not mad. We know that this is what they-this is what they have to do. Um, so we, we totally understand.

    Q: You said this is what they have to do. Do you feel that in some ways, by making this statement publicly, calling you out in some ways publicly, they are trying to pit one of you against the other?

    DB: Possibly.

    JI: But it- it doesn't-

    DB: -it doesn't matter. -

    JI: matter to us.

    DB: It doesn't - it doesn't - We don't - we don't care - we don't care what anybody says or thinks or, we don't care what they think. I mean, we - our concern is to find - is to find Lisa , to find our Lisa and bring her home because that's what we want and I don't care what we have to go through to get it.

    Q: Let me ask you a couple of other direct questions. Have both of you taken lie detector tests, polygraphs, as part of this investigation?

    DB: I have. I volunteered.

    JI: I have not.

    Q: What were the results of that?

    DB: They said that I failed. And I continue to say that's not possible because I have -- I don't know where she's at. This -- I did not do this and if...

    Q: Did they say specifically what question you...

    DB: Some of the stuff they said was...

    Q: Did they say specifically what question you may have failed on?

    DB: I don't remember which one it was, but they just kept saying I failed, I failed and I said that's not possible, and, I mean, what do -- what do you say when someone tells you -- when someone tells you that and you know that you didn't do anything.

    Q: And, Jeremy , you have not taken a polygraph?

    DB: What could I say?

    JI: No, I have not.

    Q: Have you been asked to? Would you be willing to?

    JI: I have not been asked to. I'd be willing to do whatever it takes to bring my daughter Lisa home where she belongs. If that's what it takes, that's what -- that's what we can do. But, we're still looking for her.

    Q: Let me -- let me ask you each one blunt question. Jeremy , when you look at Debbie do you have any suspicions that there's anything that she's not telling you relating to the disappearance of Lisa ?

    DB: None whatsoever. None whatsoever. We've been -- we've been asked that millions of times, and there's no doubt in my mind that she have anything -- there's no way. She couldn't have had anything at all.

    Q: And Debbie , the same question for you on Jeremy . Do you have any doubt in your mind that he hasn't told you something?

    DB: No. He's a -- he's a -- he's a good father. And he's a -- he's good to me and he loves her. And everybody loves her. But no, there's no way. We don't know, which is why we need everybody to continue to look for her and help us in any way that they can. Because she's -- we want her -- we want her home and we can't do this alone. We need everybody's help. And we appreciate everything that the police department has done. We appreciate everything that everybody has done. This is not -- we are not angry. We are not -- we just want our daughter home. That is the only thing that we care about. I don't -- I don't care what is said, that's all we want done. And we want to thank everybody who's helped us so far, and the FBI , the Kansas City Police Department , all the search and rescue, the Center for Missing Children . There's been some amazing people that have just come out of nowhere and put time in looking for her and...

    Q: Right.

    DB: ...we are -- we are extremely grateful. And we just ask that everybody please continue to look for her and pray for her safe return.

    Q: And I just want to say in closing that I know it's a difficult time, and as a parent I apologize for having to ask some of the questions that we asked. But as you know, that's part of a situation when a child goes missing and we hope the best for Lisa 's speedy return. Deborah and Jeremy , thank you very much .

    DB: Thank you for having us.

    JI:Thank you.


    October 7th Judge Jeanine interview. This was taped on the 7th, it did not air until the 9th. Thanks to not_my_kids for the transcript.

    DB: “Me and my neighbor were out front talking, and the boys were in, and Maria, um, she has a four year old daughter, were in the, in their bedroom with them, and they have a tv in there, bunk beds and stuff. They were, they were watching, uh, some sort of fairy tale movie, and, um, I mean, everything was, everything f, uh, was uh, pretty normal. I mean, he, uh, Jeremy never works nights, and never works overnight certainly, so…”

    JP: “And this is like the first time that you worked an overnight?”

    JI: “Yeah, this is the first time I’ve ever not been home at night. So…”

    JP: “But that night, who went to bed first, Debbie?”

    DB: “Um, Lisa.”

    JP: “Lisa?”

    DB: “Yeah. I put the boys to bed and then I a, I went to sleep.”

    JP: “The neighbor was gone when you went to sleep?”

    DB: “Yeah.”

    JP: “Okay, and you think that was about 10:30?”

    DB: “Yeah.”

    JP: “Were the lights on or off when you went to bed?”

    DB: “I turned them all off.”

    JP: “Okay, and was the front door locked or unlocked?”

    DB: “Uh, I don’t remember. Typically, I lock it, um, I mean, I left the, the computer room window open, and…”

    JP: “So the computer room is in the front of the house?”

    JI: “Yes, that’s right.”

    JP: “And…”

    [Break in interview as DB tried to compose herself.]

    JP: “I can’t imagine the pain you’re going through. Was there a screen on the computer window?”

    JI: “Yeah.”

    DB: “Yeah.”

    JP: “There was.”

    DB: “And, uh, when he came in it was up, and when he tried to shut the
    window, cause we, we almost never, except for maybe our bedroom which is, uh, really far off the ground and maybe, um, twice, or every once in a while, we’ll leave the boys’ window cracked so they, um, for them, so they don’t get hot in the summer, but, um, he knew that, you know, that I mean, I’m sure there’s been a couple times that we’ve left it open, but it’s not enough to where you walk by it and it’s a normal thing at four, four o clock in the morning.”

    JP: “What do you mean, when you say he knew?”

    DB: “Whenever he came in from work, when he see…”

    JP: “What time do you normally come home, Jeremy?”

    JI: “About five in…”

    JP: “In the evening?”

    JI: “In the evening, yeah.”

    JP: “But this night you were the last one to go to bed. You turned the lights out, there was the screen in the window?”

    DB: “Uh-huh.”

    JP: “But the window was open?”

    DB: “Yeah.”

    JP: “Okay. What’s the next thing that you remember?”

    DB: “Him coming in the bedroom, um, I didn’t know what time it was until he, he later on had said it, because we didn’t, I didn’t check, but he came in and he said, um, you know, why are all the lights on, um, you know, why is the, uh, the screen popped out of the window? Part of the corner of it was popped out, or something and, um, and I s, um, I, I got up, ‘I don’t, I don’t know what you’re talking about,’ um, and, um, my son was sleeping with me, and, um, you know, sometimes I, I like to, right, my kids have always, when they’re younger, little, slept in bed with me. So, I like to do that when I can. And, um, he asked why, why Michael was there, and I just, you know, he’s just sleeping next to me, and, um, I guess, with everything he was saying out loud to me, you know, he thought, you know, wait a minute, Lisa’s bedroom door’s open, and we always, we always close it when she goes to sleep at night and he run back and checked and said, he came in the room and he said, ‘Where’s Lisa, where’s she at?’ and I said, ‘She, she’s in her crib. What do you?’ You know, and he’s said, ‘She’s not there,’ and we just got up and started screaming for her and looking everywhere and she wasn’t there.”

    JP: “Had she, she’s ten months old, Lisa’s ten months old…”

    DB: “She’s only eleven months old, eleven. Her birthday’s next month.”


    October 7th Judge Jeanine interview pt 2. Taped the 7th, aired on the 9th. Thanks to not_my_kids for the transcript.

    JP: “What about reports that there is a fallout with the police? There’s reports that on Thursday there was, you know, this animated discussion and, you two sped off in a car. Settle the record for once and for all, what happened?”

    DB: “Um, uh, when I went down to the command center, I had a list of people, and right before I, I a, while I was making the list, I heard that they were searching another area, and it, it wasn’t houses, and I, I panicked, and I was freaking out and we went down there and we were asking them is there anything going on, what was happening, um, um, you know, it’s, we have, we have a list of pe, of names, but why is everybody, why is everybody down there looking in this area, what, what’s going on?...”

    JP: “So what happened on, uh, with the discussion of the lie detector? You said that they told you that you failed it?”

    DB: “They just said that, you, uh, you, you failed the test. Cause I asked them, you know, I said, how did I do, what’s…And he says, um, you failed. And, I’m like, that’s not possible. What do you, what do you mean I failed? And you failed, you, you killed her, you know where she’s at, and, I mean, um, I’ve, I heard, I heard it, um, Tuesday too, and I mean, it’s not the first…”

    JP: “When did you take the lie detector?”

    DB: “Um, yesterday.”

    JP: “Okay, so it’s, um, okay, so that was two days after she was missing. So, um, and then they tell you that you failed it. What do you think of this, Jeremy? They tell you that your wife, mother of your baby, failed a lie detector. How, how does that make you feel?”

    JI: “It, it didn’t, it didn’t really make me feel anything. It doesn’t change anything. I, I don’t, there was never any doubt in my mind, so it, I literally just told them I don’t care, and…”

    JP: “She’s a great mother?”

    JI: “She’s a great, great mother.”

    JP: “When they told you that you failed, you indicated in published reports, you know, that they weren’t very nice about it, is that correct?”

    DB: “Right.”

    JP: “You apparently got agitated with that, is that true, Jeremy?”

    JI: “Um, no, not really. I mean, we were, we were kind of upset, but, I mean, its…”

    DB: “How are you supposed to react when somebody tells you something like that and you know it’s not true? You…”

    JI: “It’s to be expected. I mean, they don’t have any, I don’t think they have a whole lot of other stuff so…”

    JP: “Why do you think they, why do you think they don’t have any leads?”

    DB: “I don’t know.”

    JP: “She can’t disappear into thin air.”

    DB: “Right.”

    JP: “What’s, somebody…”

    JI: “She’s got to be somewhere. That’s why we keep talking to people and coming out and, there’s being all these fliers made and people have been great. The police are still being great, um…”

    JP: “So, you continue cooperating with the police?”

    JI: “Of course.”

    DB: “Oh, yeah.”


    October 7th Judge Jeanine interview pt 3. Taped the 7th, aired on the 9th. Thanks to not_my_kids for the transcript.

    JP: “Did you look outside, I mean, what, what’s going on in your heads when you realize she’s not there, you call 911. Do you think maybe she’s outside? Who’s the first person that comes to mind?”

    JI: “No, nobody comes to mind. We, I ran outside, I went to the neighbors, woke them up, she wasn’t there. Grabbed a flashlight and we ran all over the yard, and she ran all over the house. There was nothing out of place, she wasn’t there.”

    JP: “There are reports that someone noticed a man around two in the morning, cradling a baby in his arms. Have you heard that and do you know what came of that?’

    DB: “Nothing that we, we heard about it, but nothing that we know of so far, I mean, we haven’t heard anything.”

    JP: “What about, Jeremy, you gave several names to the police. Without getting into the names, and it doesn’t matter, how did you pick the people’s names to give to the police? Why did you think they might have something to do with baby Lisa’s disappearance?”

    JI: “Um, after everything calmed down a little bit, and we were able to, we sat down just the two of us and we started thinking of stuff, just anybody, any kind of clue, people that have been in the house recently, people that have been in the house a long time ago, um, people that have had miscarriages lately, people that have got divorces or cheating on their
    husband, or anything, anything that might try to help us locate her.”

    JP: “Did you come up with names also, Debbie, of people, I mean, she was so beautiful. She is beautiful, you know, in the pictures that I’ve seen, I mean, you must have gone into supermarkets and people must have been stunned with her.”

    DB: “That is, that’s one, you know, when I started to have thoughts, that was one of the thoughts that went through my head, was, I mean, I, the drug store, the grocery store, I mean, uh, Target, we go to get things, you know, for the house and her, and I mean, every, everybody stops me and, ‘She’s beautiful’, and she’s…she loves everybody and she’s really friendly and she’ll go to anyone, and she…”

    JP: “Any strange people in the neighborhood? I mean, other than this report of a man cradling a baby? Did you notice strange people coming through, you know, garbage people, mailmen, anybody paying undue attention, somebody walking their dog, any…”

    DB: “I’ve no, I spend a lot of time outside, and I’m always bringing her out and I’m, you know, I lay a blanket out and we’ll play on it or I’ll bring a toy out for her or she’s outside with the boys, and me and my neighbor sit out side a lot and hang out with the kids, and I mean, people walk by, but, and they drive by, but, I mean. That’s the last thing you think. I mean, you don’t, you never think people are, people are watching you. I mean, or planning anything, you know, you don’t, I mean, it’s a possibility.”


    October 7th Judge Jeanine interview pt 4. The video for this is no longer online. However, Examiner.com WS approved writer Isabelle Zehnder wrote a transcript in the article linked above.


    October 7th Judge Jeanine interview pt 5. Two short clips from a KC local station.

    JJ: So you had the baby monitor? There was a baby monitor?

    JI: Yeah.

    DB: Yes, there's always, we always have one on.


    JJ: Could somebody have fit through the frame where it was popped? You said it was popped?

    JI: No.

    DB: I, nothing makes sense.

    JJ: Could someone have fit through that?

    DB: If they, if they had removed it all the way, why would they remove it and push it halfway back? That doesn’t make sense so.

    JJ: So based on the condition it was in, could someone have gone through that? That you saw?

    JI: No.


    October 7th Judge Jeanine interview pt 5. aired October 23rd. Short clip.

    JJ: When the police were pointing the finger at Debbie, I mean, for one second did you think she must know something that I don't know?

    JI: No. I mean, there's, there's no way that she knows anything more than I do. I mean, it was never- it was never an issue for me. Um, they kept saying stuff and it's all part of their job. It-it didn't really make any difference.


    October 7th Fox4kc interview plus other footage

    DB: Please bring her home. We- we miss her and the boys miss her. She has two brothers who love her more than anything and um, we're not a family without her. Please, we beg you.


    JI: She's out there. She's-somebodys got her somewhere. She's out there and uh, we're just waiting around, uh, waiting around to see her again.

    Reporter: Deborah says she volunteered on Tuesday to take a lie detector test, but police didn't administer one until Thursday.

    DB: I said, I'll take it right now. I said it the first day.

    Reporter: Admitting that police told her she failed, she said it's not possible.

    DB: They showed me the picture and he just asked a whole bunch of questions and um, I told him everything that I knew. I told him um, everything that I, you know, remember to be correct.

    Reporter: Jeremy says Monday was the first time he ever worked an overnight shift and wonders who might have known his schedule.

    JI: Who knew where I was? Who knew I wasn't home?
    Reporter: But he says he has never wavered in his belief that Deborah is innocent of anything to do with Lisa's disappearance despite the results of the lie detector test.

    JI: I don't care. I told them I don't care. Um, it- it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter at all.

    Reporter: They both say their only concern is bringing baby Lisa back home.

    DB: We don't care what anybody has to say about us. We don't care what anybody thinks about us. Our main goal is to bring Lisa home.


    Q: You know when people hear about that polygraph test they start to wonder; Did you harm Lisa?

    DB: Absolutely not. No.


    JI: There's no doubt in my mind whatsoever, so.


    DB: They said "you failed" and I, shock. Just like every other thing that I found out that doesn't make sense or- shock. It's not possible.

    Q: Why do you think you failed?

    DB: I don't think I failed.

    Reporter: When asked if stress caused her to fail the lie detector test,

    Deborah simply said..

    DB: I..I-I don't know. I-I don't know.

    Reporter: Deborah went on to tell us that even before the polygraph, detectives accused her of doing something to Lisa.

    DB: Yes, but I-it's there job. They- this is what they do. They have to-unfortunately, they have to look to the family in today's world because so many-stuff like this happens. I mean, you hear about it, you hear about it all the time and it's heartbreaking. I mean, so many people, and um, these little kids and stuffs happened to them and the family member has been involved and I-I, we- we expect it. We understand.

    Reporter: Friday was when we learned the FBI searched the Johnson County landfill.

    Q: I guess they were out there Tuesday and Friday because they said there was a dumpster fire a 10th of a mile from your house and so they just want to see if there is any connection. Did you guys hear anything about a dumpster fire?

    JI: Uh. w-I haven't heard anything about that.

    Q: You either, Deborah?

    DB: Um, I vaguely remember hearing something then I-I guess nothing came of it. I mean, no one-no one called, and I-I asked my, uh, one of my relatives, and they said that they haven't heard anything yet.


    October 7th Fox4kc footage of DB and JI

    Q: Hi, can we get just a minute with you guys?

    ML: Not right now, sorry guys. They're doing another interview.

    DB: We will soon, I promise.

    Q: Will you guys come out and talk with us?

    DB: I'm not sure when but I promise we will soon. We appreciate the local
    media. We promise we'll be with you guys as soon as possible.

    Q: You've got a lot of us out here right now.

    DB: I know. And we appreciate everything you guys are doing.

    Q: Can you come out and talk with us?

    DB: We'll see as soon as we can.


    October 8th ABC News Interview Thanks to not_my_kids for the transcript.

    Reporter: “Lisa’s parents now admit to ABC News that the Kansas City Police Department finds their story to be highly suspect. According to Lisa’s mother, just hours after her daughter was reported missing Tuesday morning, the police turned on her.” [voice over]

    Reporter: “Did, did they accuse you directly?”

    DB: “Oh yeah.”

    Reporter: “What did they say?”

    DB: “’You, you killed her,’ ‘you, you killed her, you, you know where she’s at.’ Um, uh, ‘Give everybody else closure,’ and ‘You, you, you know you did it.’ And I, I kept saying, ‘No, that’s not possible, no. No, no, no, no.’”

    Reporter: “Did you have anything to do with Lisa’s disappearance?”

    DB: “Absolutely not.”

    Reporter [voiceover]: In a separate room, detectives were also questioning the baby’s father.”

    Reporter: “In all this time where you have police officers storming through
    the room and saying to you, ‘She did it, the mother of this child did it,’ did you have a nanosecond of doubt at any point?”

    JI: “No. There, there’s never any doubt in my mind.

    Reporter [voice over]: “The parents insist they are not angry with police, that they understand they are just doing their job, and that they fully plan to continue cooperating.”

    DB: “I wish that we can, we can find, we can find baby Lisa. {After a few seconds of crying) I’m sorry.”
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    October 17th Today show Thanks to not_my_kids for the transcript.

    DB: “Well, I’m the, I was the last one with her, and from judging on how the questioning went that’s kind of fear that I have. [being arrested for Lisa’s disappearance.] And the main fear with that is, if they arrest me, people are gonna stop looking for her. And then I’ll never see her again. And I’ll never know what happened.”

    [PA giving the case basics in a voice over.]

    PA: “You told us that the police even accused you of killing your daughter.”

    DB: “Uh-huh.”

    PA: “How is that been, for authorities to focus on you, at times?”

    DB: “Terrible, because y, my daughter is missing, the last thing that I want to have to worry about is something like that. I shouldn’t have to put any energy, any time or effort into anything but finding her.”

    [PA giving the info on the wine and baby supplies purchase in voiceover.]

    PA: “Were you drinking that night?”

    DB: “Yes.”

    PA: “How much?”

    DB: “Uh, enough to be drunk. “

    PA: “So, you were drunk?”

    DB: “Uh-huh.”

    PA: “A lot of people are going to say, Deborah, you were drunk that night. Is
    there any chance you did anything that hurt your daughter, that you’re just not telling us?”

    DB: “No. No. No. And if I thought there was any chance, I’d say it. No. No. I don’t think that alcohol changes a person enough to do something like that.”

    {PA in voiceover saying that the story is now that Deborah last saw Lisa
    when she put her to bed at 6:40 p.m. and that it was the first night that Jeremy had worked overnight. ]

    PA: “Do you in any way question that she’s not telling you or police everything she knows?”

    JI: “No. There’s no question to be had there. It, I know who she is, I know what kind of mother she is/”

    [PA telling that JI got home from work just before 4 to find all the lights on and the window screen tampered with. Also explains that LE has tried to recreate any possible break in through that window]

    PA: “Does it seem feasible tp you that someone could have gotten in while you and your two boys were sleeping and you wouldn’t have heard a thing?”

    JI: “Our bedroom is on the exact opposite corner of the house, and, uh, she sleeps with the fan on high.”

    DB: “Yeah, but they must have been doing it much quieter than the police were.”

    PA: “You told us that police said that you failed a lie detector test. What question or questions did they say you failed?”

    DB: “They said that I failed when they asked me where she was.”

    [PA in voice overs saying that the couple has refused to let LE reinterview the boys.]

    DB: “They said they heard noises, but I don’t know if that was before, um, or after we went to sleep. I have not sat down and talked to them specifically to not have to put them through anything else.”

    [PA in voiceover talking about the MO National Guard joining the hunt, as well as the discovery of the diapers and backpack in the abandoned home, also notes that LE has discounted that discovery. He also covers the police talking to Jersey, the handyman, and the fact that LE has named no suspects, including her parents.]

    PA: “If the person who took your baby daughter is out there watching this right now, what do you say to them?”

    DB: “She needs her family. We need her. We’re losing, um, more sanity as each day progresses.”


    October 17th Today show extended clips

    DB: It's not everything you see in a movie. It doesn't work like that.

    Q: How does it work?

    DB: You uh- when your daughter is gone, or- when your child goes missing, nobody understands what that feels like until it happens to them. Nobody will ever understand what we feel unless they have gone through it. And- I think that it's easy to assume that you know, we should be- first of all, we can't even look for her if we wanted to...<cuts off>


    DB: My daughter is missing. The last thing that I want to have to worry about is something like that. I shouldn't have to put any energy, any time, or effort into anything but finding her. Thinking of names, thinking of ideas, thinking of anything or anyone that's been around that is remotely suspicious. Anything out of place..<cuts off>


    October 17th Today show extended clip. Thanks to not_my_kids for the transcript.

    Peter Alexander: “When’s the last time you saw your daughter?”

    DB: “When I put her to bed that night.”

    PA: “What time?”

    DB: “6:40. I looked at the clock and she had been in bed.”

    PA: “It’s hard to watch that isn’t it? [referring to home videos of Lisa.] She’s adorable.”

    DB: “It making me feel good, but it makes me overwhelmed at the same time, because I don’t know if I’ll ever have more than those memories. It’s a scary thought.”

    JI: “Yeah, it’s, it’s hard. But that’s her. There she is. That’s how she always was. Happy and talking to everybody.”


    October 17th GMA Thanks to not_my_kids for the transcript.

    DA: “I began by asking Deborah about how she learned that she’d apparently failed a lie detector test.”

    DB: “He said, ‘You failed,’ And I said, ‘Failed what? What question did I fail?’ And they, he said, ‘You failed the one where you know where your daughter’s at.’ And I said, ‘That’s not possible. I don’t know where she’s at.’ And I just proceeded to come unglued. That’s not possible, freaking out, telling them no, and he looked in my face, and he said, ‘I’ve met bad mothers like you.’ And proceeded to say something, probably along the lines of I need to tell the truth or…It’s hard to hear that, but if it means I have to go through all this to get her back, I don’t care. “

    DA: “Would you take another lie detector test?”

    DB: “Yeah. Why not?”

    DA: “Do you think it’s possible that they’re going to arrest you?”

    DB: “I don’t know. They’d be wrong.”

    DA: “A lot of people have been asking whether you were drinking a lot that
    night, and whether that might explain something here.”

    DB: “It doesn’t explain anything, cause I had nothing to do with anything.”

    DA: “Were you drinking a lot that night?”

    DB: “I was drinking, but it has nothing to do with my daughter’s disappearance. “

    DA: “You said that what you have been told has been lies, what do you mean by that?”

    DB: “During interrogation, ‘We found this.’ They showed me burnt clothes, they showed me a f, a doppler thing with pings from a, that my cell phones and, um, I’m led to believe at this point that none of that was real. I hope the burnt clothes weren’t real. “

    DA: “So as time passes and you feel like you’re cooperating and communicating with them, you’re getting, what, fed up, with the fact that they’re continuing to…”

    DB: “Yeah.”

    DA: “…focus on you?”

    DB: “Because I know I have absolutely nothing to do with my daughter’s disappearance. You know, I still understand it, they’re doing their job, but they’re not, it’s not personal, but it, it doesn’t make me feel any better about it.”

    DA: “In your most private moments, have you for a second ever thought maybe there was an accident? Maybe something happened?”

    JI: “No. “

    DA: “Maybe she tried to cover it up afterwards?”

    JI: “No. I mean, there, the first time I even thought that was when the, the people, or the, the police had started asking us about it, and, uh, there, it’s just not, it’s not possible.”

    DA: “How did you realize that Lisa was gone?”

    JI: “I had, I had come home and, uh, Deborah had woke, woken up when I got there, and, uh, we talked for a couple minutes, and then, uh, I asked her, you know, what’s going on. She said what do you mean, and that’s when I told her, you know, the door, the lights, the window. And, uh, she kinda jumped up out of bed like something was wrong, and that was when I, I kind of realized that something might be wrong.”

    DA: “So, when you first came home, you didn’t immediately realize that Lisa was gone?”

    JI: “No.”

    DA: “Has this put a strain on your relationship, as a couple?”

    JI: “It’s actually kinda done the opposite. We, uh, we’ve spent a l, you know, every waking moment together since this happened, um, it’s, it’s actually made us a lot closer.”

    DA: “Are you hopeful that Lisa’s gonna be found?”

    DB: “Oh, we’re gonna find her. I have no doubt in my mind, we’re gonna find her.”

    DA: “How are you so certain?”

    DB: “I just know. Cause there’s still a God.”


    Dan Abrams: You know it's interesting, because Deborah was saying she's been involved in a lot of these-watched a lot of these cases on television, for example, and always assumed that it was the parents. She says this has totally changed her perspective on cases like that.


    October 17th Megyn Kelly interview. This interview is cut up into many parts, aired on many different days. This interview was filmed on the 16th.

    Pt 1 Thanks to not_my_kids for the transcript.

    MK: “Let’s talk about the wine. How much did you consume that day?”

    DB: “I had, uh, I had several. Several glasses of wine.”

    MK: “When you say several, more than three?”

    DB: “Yeah. But that has nothing to do with her. “

    MK: “More than 5?”

    DB: “Probably.”

    MK: “More than 10?”

    DB: “No.”

    MK: “Was it just wine, or was there other alcohol…?”

    DB: “Yeah, just wine. Just wine. Lisa was in bed and the boys were laying
    down watching a movie with the neighbors daughter.

    MK: “Were you drunk?”

    DB: “Yeah.”

    MK: “Do you have a drinking problem?”

    DB: “No. I don’t think so.”

    MK: “Some folks are going to have an issue with you having more than five drinks while you’re looking after a baby and two little boys.

    DB: “Oh, I’m sure they are…She was sleeping. You know, I don’t see the problem in me having my grown up time. I take good care of my kids. I keep my house clean. I do their laundry. I kiss their boo-boos. I, I fix them food. I am involved in their school stuff. I mean, to me, there’s nothing wrong with me doing what I want to do, after dark. As soon as I’m done drinking, I go right to bed.”

    MK: “Is that what happened [inaudible]?”

    DB: “Right. Which is why I don’t do it till my kids are in bed.”

    MK: “Does it happen every night?”

    DB: “No. No.”

    MK: “How many days a week would you say…”

    DB: “Maybe a couple time a week.”

    MK: “How drunk were you?”

    DB: “Just drunk.”

    MK: “I mean, were you slurring your words, were you stumbling?”

    DB: “I don’t think so, no.

    MK: “Is it possible you had a blackout?”

    DB: “It could ***, it’s a possibility. I mean, just like anybody else, when you drink, you don’t remember the things that happened, and stuff like that but, um, yeah, it’s a possibility. But, it, once again, has nothing to do with my daughter.”

    MK: “Is it possible you blacked out and something happened to Lisa during that time?”

    DB: “No.”

    MK: “Why?”

    DB: “I go to sleep every single time and everybody knows me. Any time I drink anything, I, I’ve actually had get-togethers with family, over at the house, and everybody will be drinking and hanging out, playing pool and stuff, and, um, I will, once I’ve had enough to drink, I just get really tired. I go right upstairs and right down, I don’t even say bye to people.”

    [Cut away to Megyn in the newroom.]

    MK: “Did you take any drugs?”

    DB: “No.”

    MK: “Are you a drug user?”

    DB: “No.”

    MK: “Are you on any drugs?”

    DB: “No, I take anxiety medication, I mean, but it’s not narcotic, no.”

    MK: “Even before this episode, this event?”

    DB: “Yeah.”

    MK: “Yeah. Uh, and were you taking it that night?”

    DB: “Yeah, I take it every morning.

    [Another cut away to MK in the newsroom.]

    MK: “When you went in at 10:30, after the neighbor left, what did you do?”

    DB: “Probably went right to my room.”

    MK: “Why do you say probably?”

    DB: “Because, um, sometimes, I check on her. Well, most of the time, I check on her. And then the boys, their room is right next to each other. And I sneak in and make sure, you know. And the boys had been awake, and I had went, um, in there, and told them they could come sleep in my bed. And, um, so, I’m assuming that I went and checked on her too, but, I don’t really know.”

    MK: “You don’t remember?”

    DB: “No.”

    MK: “So, it’s possible you did not check on her before you went to bed at 10:30?”

    DB: “Yeah. Yeah. But there’s no way that anybody could have got in.”

    MK: “So the last time that you saw your daughter alive, in your home, was when you put her down at 6:40?”

    DB: “Right. When I put her down, yeah.”

    MK: “And the last time that you saw her alive was when?”

    JI: “It was uh, at 5:20, when I had left for work.”

    MK: “What’s your reaction to hearing this back and forth about Deborah
    drinking and being drunk and not, and blacking out, and not remembering every, everything that happened the night Lisa disappeared?”

    JI: “Um, I don’t really have much of a reaction, I mean, regardless of what, how much she was drinking, or if she was drunk, or if she supposedly blacked out or whatever, it doesn’t change who you are and what you do.’


    Pt 2

    MK: Let’s talk about the wine. How much did you consume that day?

    DB: I had, uh, I had several. Several glasses of wine.

    MK: When you say several, more than three?

    DB: Yeah. But that has nothing to do with her.

    MK: More than 5?

    DB: Probably.

    MK: More than 10?

    DB: No.

    MK: Was it just wine, or was there other alcohol…?

    DB: Yeah, just wine. Just wine.

    MK: No vodka?

    DB: No.

    MK: Were you drunk?

    DB: Yeah.

    MK: Was your neighbor drunk?

    DB: I don't think so-I don't know. We don't- we haven't really talked a whole
    lot about all of this stuff. I mean, we're not sitting around comparing notes. I don't think she was- I mean, I think she was probably tipsy.

    MK: Do you have a drinking problem?

    DB: No. I don't think so.


    Pt 3

    JI: Bring her home. Drop her off somewhere. Anywhere, so that we can get her back home where she belongs.

    DB: Please think of her. She needs her mother. She needs her father. She needs her brothers. She needs her family. And we need her. We're- we will be incomplete until she comes home. Please think of her.


    MK: What time did you put Lisa down to bed, initially?

    DB: 6:40.

    MK: Okay.

    DB: And that's her normal bed time?

    MK: No, it's usually between 7:30 and 8, but she had been kind of fussy, and um, I just decided to put her down.


    Pt 4 Thanks to not_my_kids for the transcript.

    MK: “Do you think they came in through that window?”

    DB: “Absolutely.”

    MK: “Do you think so?”

    DB: “Absolutely.”

    JI: “I think so.”

    MK: “How? Because the screen was pushed off only a small amount.

    DB: “Uh-uh.

    MK: “Not enough for a body [inaudible].”

    DB: “I checked the pictures later, it was off the track.”

    JI: “Its popped out of the track, and there’s a spiderweb on it, so it looks like it was pushed in, and then up. Cause the spiderweb was rolled up. “

    [At this point, they show a clip from Judge Pirro’s show where she asks them repeatedly if someone could have come through the window, they say no, all three times. I am not including that snip here, because I am trying not to mix interviews together.]

    [Long cut away to the talking heads in the newsroom.]

    DB: “Oh, it’s so easy to hear the story and say, oh she drank, or, oh she. It’s so easy to say those things, but I know I didn’t do anything. He didn’t do anything. So, there’s a bad guy out there, with my baby. Right now. And those people that are judging me, please just look for her. “


    Pt 5 Thanks to not_my_kids for the transcript.

    MK: “Did you kill little Lisa?”

    DB: “No.”

    JI: “No.”

    MK: “Do you believe she’s still alive?”

    DB: “Yes. Absolutely.”

    MK: “Did you hurt your baby?”

    DB: “No.”

    JI: “No.”

    MK: “Would you ever hurt your baby?”

    DB: “Absolutely not.”

    JI: “No.”

    DB: Do you have any idea who might have been involved in her

    DB: “No.”

    MK: “Do you believe that she was kidnapped?”

    DB: “Yes. Why else, why else would you take a, a, a ten month old baby?”

    MK: “Did you sell your baby?”

    DB: Oh, no, no.

    JI: “No.”

    DB: “No.

    MK: “Do you know anybody, had anybody ever approached you about selling
    your baby?”

    DB: “No.”

    JI: “No.”

    MK: “The police now say that you have quit talking to them. Is that true?”

    DB: “No.”

    JI: “No.”

    MK: “Why are they saying that?”

    DB: “Because we won’t let them interview our children. Maybe. I mean,
    they’ve already done…”

    MK: “Have they already interviewed the two boys?”

    JI: “Yeah.”

    DB: “Yeah. Of course.”

    MK: “And you’ve just said, no more?”

    DB: “Yeah, no more.”

    JI: “Right.”

    DB: “My kids would know nothing.”

    MK: “How far into it did they accuse you?”

    DB: “Couple hours.”

    MK: “Really?”

    DB: “Yeah.”

    MK: “Into the first interview?”

    DB: “Yeah.”

    JI: “Yeah.”

    MK: “What did they say?”

    DB: “’You did it,’ ‘Where is, where’s she at?’ You know, stuff like that. I can’t
    really get into that. I don’t wanna affect the investigation, it’s not about clearing my name. “

    MK: “Did they do that same thing to you, Jeremy?”

    JI: ”Yeah, uh, yeah, they did, very the same thing. They first told me it was her, then later, they told me it was me and that an accident had happened, or, yeah.”

    MK: “What about that, because that is one of the theories that people speculate about. That, it’s not that you two hurt your daughter, but maybe she had an accident in that house and then you panicked.”

    DB: “That’s what 911 is for. That’s the only answer I have for that. All the ideas that people have on what me or him might have done, or, it’s just sick.”

    MK: “The police told you that you had failed a polygraph. And they also told us that you failed it and they said you failed it miserably. Did they tell you what questions you failed?”

    DB: “Yes.”

    MK: “What questions?”

    DB: “Do I know where she’s at?”

    MK: “Anything else?”

    DB: “No, I don’t remember. I don’t think so.”

    MK: “And what did you say to them when they told you that?”

    DB: “That’s not possible. I have absolutely no idea where my daughter is. If I knew, she’d be with me.”

    MK: “And how did they respond?”

    DB: “Called me a bad mother, and said I oughta fess up, pretty much. “

    JI: “They keep bringing up the, you know, maybe it was an accident. Maybe you did it during the two hours you were home, and she found out about it later.”

    DB: “We’re scared of them, because they’ve scared the crap out of me. I mean, they’ve managed to do a great job at that, so…”

    MK: “You could not only have lost your child, you could lose your freedom.”

    DB: “Yeah. When I’ve done nothing wrong.”


    Pt 6

    MK: The police now say that you have stopped talking to them. Is that true?

    DB: No.

    JI: No.

    MK: Why are they saying that?

    DB: Because we won’t let them interview our children. Maybe. I mean, they’ve already done…

    MK: Have they already interviewed the two boys?

    JI: Yeah.

    DB: Yeah. Of course.

    MK: And you’ve just said, no more?

    DB: Yeah, no more.

    JI: Right.

    DB: My kids would know nothing. That's a waste of time and energy. And a waste of heartbreak for them.


    DB: I don't find any reason for them to continue to talk to my kids. They have been through enough.

    MK: Did they give you a reason?

    DB: No. "We didn't have anywhere else to go" Well, my kids aren't the answer.

    JI: They- they just said that they want to re interview them because it's been some time and maybe they might remember something but-

    DB: Yeah, they did say that.

    JI:-they were, they were sleeping. And it's been hard enough for 'em.


    Pt 7 Thanks to not_my_kids for the transcript.

    MK: “Why haven’t you gotten a lawyer yet? Why are you talking to the police?”

    DB: “We don’t need a lawyer. We don’t need one.”

    MK: “Aren’t you worried that they’re going to come after you?”

    DB: “It’s a possibility, yeah, it’s scary. Um, but, we haven’t got one, up until
    now because we felt like we didn’t need one. We’ve talked to different people, and stuff like that, but we haven’t retained anybody.”

    MK: “Why didn’t you hire a lawyer or go get a lawyer at the moment the police said to you, ‘We think you did it?’”

    DB: “Because I thought that that’s part of the investigation. They’re always going to look at the closest family, the people that live there, it, it’s part of the process. I see it on TV. I figured they’re gonna do it and then they’re gonna be done with it and that’s it. So, I, you know, didn’t think I needed one.”


    Pt 8

    MK: I asked both parents during my two hour sit down with them yesterday, how is it that an intruder could have walked in, turned the lights on, without a peep or anyone noticing? Here's what they said.

    MK: Doesn't that just strike you as so bizarre-

    JI: Yeah.

    MK- that someone would come into the house, turn on all the lights, take the cellphones, take the baby, not turn the baby monitor off, and nothing would be heard?

    DB: If you-

    JI: Yeah.

    DB: - turn the baby monitor off it's going to be static on my end. I'm going to hear that-

    JI: Yeah.

    DB: and-

    MK: But what intruder knows that?

    DB: What intruder steals a baby? Nothing makes sense.

    <clip is cut here>

    JI: And that's another reason why we're getting leaned on so hard is nothing-

    DB: Of course we haven't answered questions.

    JI: -makes sense and we don't- we don't have any answers.

    <end clip>

    MK: Is it true that you never want to move back into your house?

    DB: I don't.

    JI: I kinda do.

    <clip is cut here>

    DB: I want her stuff. I want her stuff. Um, <beginning to cry> I'm sorry. I have uh, her barney, and her, uh, some of her pictures. Um, and we have her, uh, her pack and play, was set up in my, uh, the persons house we stay at, we're always there, uh, and um, her pack and play was there. And her pillow and stuff. So-uh, still set up waiting for her. <tearing up> I'm sorry.


    Pt 9

    MK: We were told by a LE source that there was a call on your phone at around 2:30am-

    DB: Mhm.

    JI: Yeah, we were told that too.

    DB: Yeah.

    MK: Was that you?

    DB: No. I was sleeping.

    MK: Who could that have been?

    DB: Whoever took her.

    JI: Don't-don't know.

    MK: When you realized that the phones were missing, along with Lisa, did you try to call
    your cellphones?

    DB and JI: No.

    DB: We didn't even realize she was gone until around 4am.

    <clip is cut here>

    DB: Um, they did tell me they were used. And I said, I don't- I don't know. I- I can't give an answer to that because I wasn't there. I don't have them.

    <clip is cut here>

    MK: So when the police tell you that a call was made from your phone at 2:30 in the morning or thereabouts-

    DB: Mhm.

    MK: -your response is-

    DB: What?

    MK: - that's not possible?

    DB: Right.

    <clip is cut here>

    MK: Have the police told you anything about- you know, cause they can locate cell phones, with the pings-

    DB: Right.

    MK:- they use that all the time to locate missing persons. Have they told you anything about finding the location of the phones?

    <clip is cut here>

    DB: Well, they showed a picture. Um, and said, this is what we know. This is a ping, you know, and tried to conduct a scenario, you know, you did this type of thing and I'm like, no.

    <clip is cut here>

    MK: Did they say where the ping was coming from?

    JI: No.

    MK: Like where in town?

    JI: No.

    MK: Or in the state or out of the state?

    DB: They said it was close by.

    <clip is cut here>

    MK: Do you think that they- the police, are lying to you?

    DB: Yeah. They're supposed to-

    MK: To get a confession?

    DB: Of course. That and they're- like I said, they're not gonna tell us. I mean, you know, we asked them, do you have any leads? Do you have any information? They're gonna say no, or they're gonna say we're on to something, you know, but, they're not gonna tell you specifically what. I mean, no, no police do that.

    <clip ends>

    MK: Have you tried to call those phones since then?

    DB: No. We've- oh, I've thought about doing my own investigative work, and I've thought about calling up there and demanding that they give me the phone records, they give me, you know, whatever, um, but, no, I don't want to effect what they're doing.

    <clip ends>

    MK: Lets talk about those lights. Because that's another very bizarre piece of the story.

    DB: Mhm.

    MK: You remember turning them off when you went to bed?

    DB: No, I was told I turned them off.

    MK: By whom?

    DB: The neighbors.

    <clip is cut here>

    MK: Which ones were on, Jeremy?

    JI: Um, there was a lamp in the front living room, two lights-

    DB: It's a small night light lamp.

    JI:-were on in the kitchen.

    MK: Sorry, one in the front living room..

    JI: One in the front living room, two lights were on in the kitchen, um, the accent lights, and a uh, plug in pumpkin were on in the computer room.

    MK: More than you would expect?

    JI: M-more than I would expect.

    DB: He says all the lights were on. He does this to me constantly. He chases me around the house turning off lights. I can't leave on anything except for the light above the stove. He uh-

    MK: Do you remember going around and turning them off that night?

    DB: No, I don't remember doing that.

    MK: Uh, so your only reason to believe you turned them off is the neighbor telling you she saw them off?

    DB: Exactly.


    Pt 10

    DB: We didn't know a specific time.

    JI: I hadn't paid the- I hadn't paid the cellphone bill when it was due so our a- our phones were restricted.

    MK: So, you couldn't have called her on the cellphone if you wanted to?

    JI: Right.

    DB: Mhm.

    MK: I see.


    October 23rd short statement from DB at prayer vigil

    Q: So many people showed up to pray for your daughter and her safe return, what does that mean to you all?

    DB: A lot.

    Q: That the whole community is behind you?

    DB: Yes. Thank you everybody.


    October 24th article "grieving"


    October 31st People Magazine article (actual interview date unknown)


    February 2nd KCTV5 interviews

    Q: Do you want to share your thoughts about how you thought that interview went, um, and what you guys hope to accomplish?

    JI: Just, get her picture back out there. Let everybody know she is still missing somewhere.

    Q: Do you think that from that interview people will finally believe what you guys have said all along- that you're innocent and someone took her? I mean, what do you think you will accomplish with that interview?

    JI: I don't know. But, a lot of people will see it and hopefully somebody will see her somewhere so.

    Q: Do you think you got your message across about what you guys think happened that day? Or what were you able to tell Dr.Phil?

    JI: I think-I think so.

    Q: Was there anything new that we haven't heard as a community, that we will learn from that show?

    JI: Probably.

    Q: Can you tell me what that is?

    JI: No. Sorry.

    Q: Not ready to do that?

    JI: No.

    Q: Again, your message- you want all of Kansas City to watch that show?

    JI: Well, we want everybody to watch it. Just, let everybody know that she's still out there, she's still missing and we're still looking for her so.

    Q: How are you guys doing?

    JI: Marginal.

    Q: What is the most difficult part about all of this? When important holidays come, birthdays, what is the hardest part? I can't even imagine.

    JI: Just, everything. Every- day to day. I uh, I gotta go. But thank you for stopping by.


    DB: I wish. I don't know whats happening after um, the show airs, if the lawyers got anything planned or we're going to be able to speak, I would love to. Um, I'll be talking to him soon and we'll let you guys know.

    Q: Can you talk about-

    DB: I can't.

    Q: What you said on the show?

    DB: I can't say anything but I urge everybody to watch and there's gonna be new pictures of her up, I'm really excited about it. It's gonna reach- I think um- I heard 7 and a half million viewers. So, and maybe it'll even double. We are so excited about it. We cannot wait for her face to be all over TV again and reach different people.

    Q: Can you just tell our viewers that? I mean, I know you don't want to talk specifically about what you said on there but would you just said is perfect. I mean, you want to get your message out.

    DB: I don't want to get in trouble, but um, if you, do you have a card?

    Q: I do. I'll bring you a card.

    DB: Okay.

    Q: But what you said is so important. You want people to watch- why?

    DB: Of course. Because I want her face out there and I want everybody to see her. And there's a lot of people on- that watch Dr.Phil, that either don't watch the news or don't have cable and weren't able to see Megyn Kelly's interview and all the other, you know, channels and stuff like that so that's why it's really important. But, uh, I can't really say anymore but thank you.

    Q: Do you still have hope in your heart?

    DB: Of course. Of course. Nobody takes a baby to hurt her. She's coming home. Thank you.


    From article:


    February 2nd KMBC interview

    DB: Hi. I can't talk, I'm sorry.

    Q: Okay. We're from over at Channel 9. We're the station that is going to be airing the Dr.Phil interview-

    DB: Thank you.

    Q:-we were seeing if you wanted to talk and encourage people to watch, anything like that?

    DB: No, we might be releasing something after the show, but thank you so much for stopping by, we appreciate it. You guys- stay warm.

    February 3rd Dr.Phil transcript posted upthread HERE:

    [ame="http://www.websleuths.com/forums/showpost.php?p=7570995&postcount=2"]Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community - View Single Post - JI and DB Statements[/ame]
  9. katydid23

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    THANK YA'LL for all of this hard work. What a daunting task.
  10. norest4thewicked

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    You guys are the best! What a ton of work you did! Thank you so much!!! :D
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    October 28th snipped from article


    February 2nd, video @ link.

    Reporter: Tomorrow, her parents hope a national interview will breathe new life into the investigation.

    Jeremy: Thank everybody for looking, keeping their eyes peeled. She's out there somewhere.

    Reporter: On his front porch this evening, Jeremy Irwin answered just a few quick questions about he and Deborah Bradley's decision to go on the Dr. Phil Show tomorrow and talk about their daughter Lisa's disappearance.

    Jeremy: Hopefully a new audience of people that can see recent pictures and find out, hopefully, where she's at.


    Reporter: Irwin says communication with police continues.

    Jeremy: We're talking to the people we need to be talking to. We're- we talked to the police actually earlier today, so. <cut> I can't talk about it other than that. But, I gotta go, thank you guys for stopping by.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHw1Hm3jsco&feature=plcp"]Baby Lisa's Mom Calls KMBC's Kris Ketz - YouTube[/ame]

    April 4th, Deborah calls Kris Ketz

    Kris Ketz: When the phone rang, it came in as a blocked call. No return number, just one more illustration of how careful Deborah Bradley is who she's calling these days. And, in a nearly half hour conversation, there were moments where she broke down and cried about what she says has been another difficult day.


    Kris Ketz: Late this day, Deborah Bradley called us. Again, the first time she's said anything in weeks. There's still a lot about this case she's not talking about, and as police privately still have doubts about her story, she remains hopeful her daughter is alive and will eventually be home. Why is she hopeful? "Three very important leads" she says police and the FBI have, but she wouldn't tell us what they are. And as for the appearances on national TV, and hardly any on local, Deborah Bradley told me she doesn't care if people think she's not cooperating; that she doesn't feel a need to go on TV. She says she's been proactive in work to find her daughter, relying on a team put together by New York private investigator Bill Stanton. What they're doing, and how they are doing it- she's not saying.

    Again, there's a lot about this story Deborah Bradley is not talking about. The timeline that night, word of a failed polygraph, the missing cell phones, but she and others have put together a website. It is her side of the story.


    April 4th, Jeremy speaks at balloon release

    Jeremy: We're just, um- it doesn't get any easier. We're still out there, we're still looking, and we just want to- have- take this opportunity to thank everybody for coming out and showing support. Even though there's been a lot of crazy stuff going on lately, there's still people out here that- they're still looking and they're still helping. We just want to say thank you to everybody for coming out, showing support. So.

    Q: The fact that people still come out, even after six months, what does that say to them about- you know, Lisa?

    Jeremy: Well, hopefully, they're out here, and it show that they care. That they care about where she's at and who she's with and they care about bringing her home safely- that's I hope what everybody wants.

    Q: You haven't, um- you guys have kind of been keeping a low profile- why come out to this vigil on the 6 month- because they've been having several. Why this one?

    Jeremy: We- I can't answer that in detail but I will say there's reasons for most of the stuff we're doing. So, um, but- it's- it's been a while and, um, obviously it's a pretty hard time for us today. So, uh, just wanted to come out and let everybody know we're still here- we still really appreciate everything that everybody is doing for Lisa.

    Q: Police say they've cleared over 1500 leads so far- the fact that they're still plugging away on this case, I mean, is there anything to say about the police effort to find Lisa?

    Jeremy: Umm, no. I mean from what I understand they're still working on it, so.

    Q: Have you been happy with the investigators?

    Jeremy: Um, different interview guys. Thank you.

    Q: How is the family doing?

    Jeremy: Um, as well as can be expected I guess. I mean, we're just trying to protect the boys from all the other stuff that's going on and we're still out here. We're still looking, so.

    Q: Are you guys doing anything as a family- this is public, but privately?

    Jeremy: Yeah, we have-we have family stuff, private things constantly, obviously. You know, we try to get together once a week and just kind of, um- try to stay together, stay strong and, um, hopefully we'll find her soon. It's been going on long enough.

    Q: Is it harder when you hear these anniversaries- 6 month, you know- the one month. So, does it get harder or- does it, I mean, describe for us what that is like.

    Jeremy: We try not to structure our life around- it's been three months, it's been six months. But it's- the hardest are, you know- holidays, birthdays, family type stuff that she can't be at. Um.

    Jeremy: Thank you guys for coming out.
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    :tyou: :tyou: :tyou:

    I followed this case until the Ayla Reynolds case appeared in the news. I have been wanting to review the Lisa Irwin case again before I do any posting.

    All of your posts will certainly make a review/update easier and more efficient for me!!

    Thanks to all of you who took on this task !!!

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