Jilted bride donates thousands spent on wedding

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    By Charlene Sakoda | Odd News – Tue, Oct 15, 2013
    Michelle Marxen and her fiancé of Fargo, North Dakota had been planning their October 19th wedding for a year. As reported by WDAY News 6, the couple was set for a beautiful autumn wedding complete with a ballroom reception, flower arrangements, a sought-after band, photographers, limos and a bridal suite. Michelle said, “It was my fairy tale wedding. You know, as a young girl, you just dream of your wedding day.” Plans were made and contracts were signed. On the day the invitations were to be sent, Michelle’s fiancé headed out to work telling her, “I love you,” but later she received a phone call from him that changed their plans. Michelle was just home from a funeral when her fiancé said, "He didn't wanna marry me. He didn’t wanna, he said he didn't love me anymore…We spent a whole year planning this wedding and it just all ended in a phone call."Out thousands of dollars and with contractual commitments with various wedding services, Michelle decided to turn the negative into a positive by donating what she had planned for her wedding. The beneficiaries of Michelle’s generosity were those at Creative Care for Reaching Independence (CCRI), a non-profit that empowers those with disabilities. Jody Hudson of CCRI said, "I was speechless…Actually the next day I called her to make sure it was for real." The organization plans to throw a Halloween party for their clients in the crystal ballroom all thanks to Michelle. more at link: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/oddnews...housands-spent-on-wedding-184622113.html?vp=1
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