Jodi Arias TAKES THE STAND #33 *may contain graphic and adult content*

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Feb 8, 2013
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Nurmi: .Ok. Now . . . .uh. . . . at this . . . uh. . . .point in time. . . . uh. . . .aaaaaannnnnnnddddd uhh. . .
With . . . .uh . . . . . reference to the . . . . . uh. . . . . . there seemed. . . . . . . . to be. . . . . .
Uh. . . . so to speak. . . . . . . . uhhhh lots of . . . . . . . sexual activity. . . . . . . . uhhhhhhh
Aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnddddddddd uh. . . . . . uh………..uhhh what . . . . uhhhhhhhh . . . . .I mean. . . . .what did you. . . . . . . .uhhhhhhhhh feel. . . . . . . . .when . . . . . . uhhhh . . . .Mr. uhhhhhhhh Alexander
Uhhhhhhhhhhhh grabbed you . . . . .by…… by. . . . uhhhhh…… your. . . . . . uhhhh . . . .wrists?

ARIAS: Well, .. . . . as can readily be ascertained by any 3rd party observer who has measured the response and reaction times of those kind of individuals who have found themselves in precarious situations which almost always invite some sort of imminent attack – so to speak ….it is not at all difficult to replicate these physiological eruptions. And since I was a member of that particular coterie that is being carefully studied for heart rhythm and pulse amplitude I realized that a shock wave emanated from the extremity that was my wrist and this nerve discomfort was transported up through my neck region so as to result in a kind of discomfiture that resided somewhere in my head region. But because I had found myself to be largely unconscious I had to sort of "come to" - by that I would mean - when my mind had finally regained a full panoply of consciousness I estimated the noisome stimuli that my head felt was truly real. But I'm not quite sure about that last part.

Perfect!! It someone from Mars wanted a brief description of this trial, you captured it brilliantly!


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Feb 5, 2013
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Thx. The first posting alerting us to the early start stated or insinuated that it was already live.

It sent me into a :panic:

Sorry, it was last minute and they were trying to rush Beth into the courtroom as they were not expecting it. Assuming they are trying to get everyone settled! Chaos.


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Jan 2, 2004
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My opinion is that she controls men with sex, and it worked on Travis for a little while, but he saw her for what she was and told her to take a hike. Abusers don't like it when their victim stands up and says, no more, F off. She had lost control and she would have the final say.

Reverse the genders; the most dangerous time for an abused woman is when she's had enough and walks out on her abuser.

I think that's what happened with Travis.


If you read the profile of abused males you will find there are no differences between females who are being abused and males who are.

Both abusers/stalkers show psychopathy.

The sad thing is society seems to ok it when a woman acts out violently after a break up instead of realizing just how dangerous they can be and are.



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Jan 3, 2013
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Ok, so if I understand correctly, Jodi hacked into TA's account that same night. We don't know if it was after or before the recording, but we know that after Travis woke up after the phone sex, that is when he discovered he'd been hacked and he sent her the terse text about invading his privacy.

My suspicion is that she hacked his account before the recording and it is what prompted her to record him with the intent to expose him and sabotage his new relationship.

Considering that nothing on this tape refers to ANY violence and almost ONLY sex, to me this is an indicator of two things:

1) *at this time* Jodi may have not have progressed into her rage enough to be planning out murder - I think she WAS definitely planning out revenge and was intent on dragging his name through the mud

2) considering the whole garbage about "self-defense/battered woman" was NOT Jodi's idea, but obviously the idea of her new attorneys appointed to her two years into her stubborn insistence that TA was killed by intruders- I find it impossible to accept through logic, timing, and evidence - that these tapes were made with the premeditated intent to use them for a self-defense claim, when in fact Jodi never even considers self-defense until 2 yrs into jail- way after the fact.

So to Jodi, this tecording served some *other* purpose other than self-defense or battered woman. It could only be the purpose of either blackmail, sabotaging his new GF, or revenge and trashing his reputation. in order to do that, Travis would need to be alive for her to get that satisfaction.

To me this recoding represents a MAJOR crossroad in her plummeting downward spiral of rage and revenge.

I think *at this moment* of this recording, Jodi was fixated on revenge as a result of what she discovered during hacking, but had not yet crossed the dark line of planning murder - HOWEVER, I think that line crossed quickly for her as she stewed in her rage and also as a result of being busted by Travis AFTER the sex tape the next day. I think when he told her to exit his life at that time, she crossed that line and sunk to the next layer of rage.

I totally agree with you.
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