jodi arias TAKES THE STAND #66 *may contain graphic and adult content*

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Interesting. I always thought the pedophile lie developed after she was arrested. Do you think she made it up and presented it to him before she killed him?

I have been under the assumption that the pedophile story was developed after she not only was arrested, but also after she knew that they had a recording of the sex phone call. She tailored her story all along to match whatever evidence she knew they had at the time. Hence the story kept evolving over time.

That is one reason I was pondering whether or not Travis' angry texts to her might have been about something completely different (like the car). I really believe there is a lot more to that car story than we have heard. :waitasec:
First off it's really rare to ever see a defendant on the stand. But the closest I saw was in our own trial, my sister's husband was cocky and said strange things (like how offended he was our family didn't invite him to our after funeral gathering and weren't "nice" to him...his co murderer borrowed my father's suit coat so...anyway) But even with that I've NEVER seen a sociopath of the likes of Jodi Arias. She's terrifying to me because she's smart, diabolical, violent , unremorseful and sadistic. And ALL of that has come out with her just being on the stand.

She's in a league all her own, to me.

BBM : Thank Goodness for this !!!!
I am glad that there will be a couple fellow Nurmi watchers at least....misery loves company and we can all laugh and yell and throw things at screens together.

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I spent a good chunk of yesterday going back and reviewing documents, videos, and the earlier testimony I missed, thanks to our wonderful transcribers (I only started watching live when Jodi got on the stand).

One thing that struck me was the two filings, one by Martinez and one by Nurmi, about whether to introduce the "pedophile" letters plus texts and emails.
JM's brief is concise, clear & organized. It's pretty easy to read even with the legalese. Nurmi's on the other is. . . well, it's just like Nurmi on direct. Disorganized, snarky, ignores arguments in JM's motion, terrible. Or do I see it that way because I've come to dislike the guy so much?

I've never watched a trial in this detail before, so I've been trying to cut Nurmi a lot of slack. But everyday I see him in action I keep thinking, is he as bad as I think he is?
Possible project for Katiecoolady ...

Re: the nude photo of TA on the bed with two fingers up

Probably a very indelicate question, but I wonder if you might ask family members of TA what they think the hand sign he most likely was making, knowing TA as they did and the signals he did and did not use.

Was the sign a:
- peace sign
- two finger salute
- scissors (IOW cut, stop taking pics)
- ?

Of course, ask only if you think it would be ok to ask. TIA

I posted this a couple of pages back.

If you look at the first nude of him, the one where many think he is sleeping - I think he is watching tv. The KY bottle is laying down by his side.

The "peace sign" photo is then taken, and the KY bottle is now laying up behind his head, but it's blurry - like it's moving.

If you take your hand and grip it around something and then toss it behind your shoulder, you will see the same formation of his hand in your hand. At least it does for me - my first 2 fingers are more straight than my last 2, and they are basically straight up, with my thumb curved behind.

I hope that makes sense. It's really the only thing that explains the KY bottle being in a different position and blurry - it's in motion, and his hand is just in the position it was when the bottle fell out of it.

Great pic. Juan probably could have done his cross in two days. However, he is determined to destroy Jodi's lies about Travis. That he was a sexual deviant. That he was a pedophile. That he hit women. This took extra time and great patience on his part since he had to follow Jodi down numerous crazy trails. But, IMO he did a great job of showing Travis as a normal, decent, kind man who just happened to get tangled up with a crazy woman.
Here we go again, another day watching her bend her nose back and forth feigning crying. Her eyes don't seem to tear up . :waitasec:

Very strange, I think her tear ducts are in her nose. :floorlaugh:
I'm kind of all over the map with the names (meaning some I've come up with, Anita's , KBisME etc lol)...I'm gonna print out Anita Richman's list today and study it..and now I think we have avatars to go with them. lol Thanks for noticing.

I sent a note to nurse . she said she would post them at the beginning of your thread. the thread we have for the trial Watchers.

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I can't believe that InSession will be till 11am, according to my tv guide at 11am some lame fake reality show about getting served and lizard lick towing will be on for the after noon. That stuff is seriously garbage TV. I'm deleting the channel from my scan.
Does anyone remember when JA wrote Travis the letter regarding the book he was writing and not getting any recognition in the acknowledgments? TIA
"He attacked me"
I have always felt she meant character assassination ....
NOT a physical assault.

Yes. She often speaks of her "reputation". If she couldn't have Travis she was going for another PPL target who looked successful to her, Ryan. She couldn't have Travis around spreading "rumors" and ruining her "reputation". And by the way detective there are no receipts of me ever being in Arizona that day!
I can't believe that InSession will be till 11am, according to my tv guide at 11am some lame fake reality show about getting served and lizard lick towing will be on for the after noon. That stuff is seriously garbage TV. I'm deleting the channel from my scan.

I totally agree. ABSOLUTE garbage TV.

Almost every channel has some garbage reality show.

(With that said, yes, I watch Real Housewives of...wherever.:what:)
An observation that I made while watching Jodi on the stand is that she shows absolutely NO remorse whatsoever. NONE. When she is describing what happened in that bathroom "According to Jodi" she doesn't show any sorrow regarding what she did to Travis, it was almost like she was taking great pride and joy in what she did. Especially when she was being questioned about the sexual activity, it was like she was taking pride in that it was her, Jodi Arias, that slept with Travis last and even while the crime scene photos and timeline were being discussed, no emotion. Like I have said before, I am a survivor of Domestic Violence and Arias used NO language of an abuse victim. Her tone, terminology and descriptions of events were not laced with language that prominent that victims of domestic abuse would use. That was a PROFOUND observation and could not have been lost on the Jury, especially if any of them has been subjected to abuse in the past or present.
I totally agree with you. She lacks any emotion I would expect from one recounting their abuse. IME its something beyond your own control. Recounting it you're reliving it too. I said as much at the time but another DV survivor strongly disagreed so maybe lack of emotion isn't as uncommon as I personally believe and have experienced? ;) (Just FWIW)

Unfortunately there were two women stricken from the jury who'd experienced domestic violence. I hope dismissing them wasn't a mistake.
So do you feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel today??

Stay tuned for the Nurmi & Jodi show! :anguish:
Good Morning everyone. After another Jodi-free weekend, I am glad it is Monday. I think Juan has proven that JA did not kill TA in self defense but I am still concerned about the jury.

Good morning:) I agree!! And he did it in less time than it took for JA and Nurmi to tell the lies. I believe Juan Martinez also cleared Travis Alexander's name. I know his family is very happy that Juan Martinez did this!
Does anyone remember if Arias or DB testified that the gas cans were returned to DB ?
Yes it is. As I said last Thursday. It was all over that day due to "the smoking closet". Watching her break it down with Martinez, pictures and all, completely destroyed her entire alibi/fabrication. And if you go there, the entire self defense story falls apart and the only thing left is premeditation. And first degree murder.

I am always willing to cut people some slack when they do stupid things under stress, because I have certainly done some stupid things myself. :floorlaugh:

It's the totality of her story that doesn't add up. The trip going so far out of her way, the coverup afterwards, the stalker behavior, and of course the lieslieslieslies -- if I look at one thing, I could (maybe) buy it, but not everything together.

It gets me that so far at least, no one has shown Travis being so controlling, manipulative & abusive towards anyone else. So he just came out of the box a fully formed abuser? He didn't practice with anyone else? After all, we know JODI had plenty of practice with HER behavior.
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