John Paul II Cleared for Sainthood

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    Pope Francis clears John Paul II for sainthood

    3 hours ago

    VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis on Friday cleared Pope John Paul II for sainthood, approving a miracle attributed to his intercession and setting up a remarkable dual canonization along with another beloved pope, John XXIII.

    In a major demonstration of his papal authority, Francis decided to make John XXIII a saint even though the Vatican hasn't confirmed a second miracle attributed to his intercession. The Vatican said Francis had the power to dispense with the normal saint-making procedures to canonize John on his own merits.

    To anyone who has been paying attention, Francis' decision to canonize both should come as no surprise: He was made a cardinal by John Paul and is very much a pope of the Second Vatican Council, the ground-breaking church meetings that brought the Catholic Church into the modern world which John XXIII opened a year before his death in 1963...
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    Good for JPII!!!!!!!!!!!! :woohoo:

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