Joseph Deangelo-Golden State Killer

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    Here's the link: Golden State Killer suspect faces new murder charge. That makes 13 slayings linked to Joseph DeAngelo

    VISALIA, Calif. – The man whom investigators believe is the Golden State Killer was charged with first-degree murder Monday in what is thought to be the first death in a string of slayings that stretched over a decade across California.

    Joseph DeAngelo, 72, of the Sacramento suburb of Citrus Heights is accused of killing a College of the Sequoia professor, Claude Snelling, who was shot Sept. 11, 1975, as he thwarted the 2 a.m. PT kidnapping of his 16-year-old daughter.

    That murder was attributed to a man originally dubbed the Visalia Ransacker, who would break into homes and collect keepsake items, leaving behind valuables, and often made himself a meal before sneaking out into the night. More than 85 burglaries in Tulare County, California, where Visalia is the county seat, were linked to the Visalia Ransacker; the last was at Snelling's house.
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