June 1, 2006 Interesting, long news story about missing adults

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    Families of missing adults left to wonder and worry Thursday, June 1, 2006
    ThisWeek Staff Writer

    Randy Shaffer didn't let himself think about what he was doing, he just did it.

    Reaching down into the rushing waters of the Olentangy River, he was hoping against hope not to find what he was seeking: the dead body of his missing son, Ohio State University medical student and Pickerington High School graduate Brian Shaffer.

    An insistent psychic kept calling the worried father, saying she was troubled by visions of the missing 27-year-old man's body trapped against one of the supports for the West Fifth Avenue bridge. In the end, Randy Shaffer, of Baltimore in Fairfield County, couldn't not go to check for himself. His brother went along to help in the grim task.

    Standing on the riverbank, his eyes filling with tears, on hand in case of an emergency, was Kevin J. Miles, volunteer president of Central Ohio Crime Stoppers Inc.

    "I met with the father Sunday morning (May 7) and we decided we were going to wade the water," Miles recalled. "The father and ......

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