Kevin Federline rushed to hospital while filming weight loss show

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    Okay, so K-fed isn't exactly an A-list celeb (guess that's why I didn't even know he was in my neck of the woods until I saw this)....but I have a real issue with these extreme weight-loss shows....and it claims to be the 'feel-good show of the year'.

    "Oxygen was reportedly given to the 33-year-old who was then taken by ambulance to Mt Druitt Hospital for further tests.

    It is the second time he has been hospitalised, after previously being treated for heat stress in the Northern Territory."

    "And while the backup dancer-turned-reality star seems to be on the mend, producers tell us Federline plans to undergo further tests with a cardiologist."

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    Do they not do full medical evaluations prior to the show?


    Even this video by trainer Christian is just WRONG imo. The first bit I agree with, but then he says, 'stop blaming a slow metabolism, your big bones, your parents, your genetics, you've just gotta stop eating rubbish.'

    Sometimes other factors DO come into play.

    When I realised I was gluten intolerant, I went on a GF diet. My aim was not to lose weight , but to feel better. I lost about 10kg when made the change to GF, and I'm still eating the same foods, but I've gained it all back now that my body is used to it.

    I DON'T eat rubbish- I can't- but I've been on a medication for over 10 years where weight gain is a long-term side-effect.
    My sister also started taking a new medication last year that made her gain about 15kg very suddenly.
    This is one reason why people stop taking their meds...I dunno, but I'd rather be sane and alive and a 'lil overweight, than thin and a danger to myself or dead.

    The focus should be on overall health, not the lowest weight, or the fastest weight loss.

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