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Aug 15, 2003
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Aug 12, 2008
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- Drew would have had 8 children listed as part of his marriages but the first wife Carol had a miscarriage with first child.

- Media reports stated Carol received $250 per month in support for both both boys, Eric and Steve. When they got divorced, she couldn't afford a lawyer so Drew had his attorney draw up the papers. Carol and her second husband Dave Brown raised both boys although they had visitation with Drew but Carol said in an interview that it was 2nd wife Vicki who normally picked the boys up and/or attended sporting events, etc.

- Lisa (Vicki's daughter) was a step-daughter to Drew although he did raise her in 2nd marriage.

- Apparently Drew Peterson was paying $2,000 a month to Kathleen for support on Kris and Thomas (quite a jump from 1st wife support) because Peterson petitioned the courts in 2003 for him to sell house that the 3rd wife and his/her children were living in for him to reduce $2,000 monthly child support payment. (Nice guy! NOT, talk about pulling the rug out) []

- Of course Kathleen died suddenly so Drew got out of the $2,000 a month support plus he got the house and some cash on top of that and control of the million dollar life insurance that was left to Kris and Thomas !

- Ric Mims, Drew's former best friend stated [I think to Greta] that the son Eric has not spoken to Drew since Kathleen's death, apparently because he had some issues with the whole accidental death story. Other than Mim's comment I don't think there has been any media comments from either son.

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