Killer heels land abused DJ in jail

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    Scottish DJ Suzie McGuire, whose accountant husband Derek Mitchell was found guilty of breaking Suzie’s finger, permanently disfiguring and disabling her for life in court last month, has finally been told her charges of assaulting him with the stiletto heel of a Christian Louboutin shoe have been dropped.

    Suzie, who was breastfeeding and suffering from an infected Caesarean scar at the time, was arrested, despite being covered with bruises and having a badly injured hand, when husband Derek accused her of attacking him during the argument in December 2012. She was taken to hospital in cuffs to have her hand x-rayed and says police refused her antibiotics and post-natal depression meds, while she was held for two days. They also fought her bail application, she adds.
    Now prosecutors have finally informed Suzie all charges have been dropped. Derek will be sentenced December 15th.

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    I think they need to be a long way away from each other, for their own safety and the safety of the child. (A violent relationship, and dangerous).

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