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    In January 1986, the remains of an individual were discovered in Bulow State Park, Ormond Beach, Florida. He had been murdered and dumped in the location. He was ID'd about 2 weeks ago as Howard Wesley "Kip" Evans. He was from Norfolk, Virginia and vanished sometime in 1984 (Exact date is unknown). He made a trip to Deland, Florida, and was last spotted at a storage zone. To my research, this storage zone is on 360 Michigan Avenue in Deland. No one is certain about what happened after he was seen at the storage zone, but it appears he was murdered shortly after.

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    Daytona Beach, FL - For the longest time, both victims wore the names John Doe and Jane Doe. Now, thanks to DNA matches, the Volusia Sheriff's Office knows who they are.

    And that's Howard "Kip" Evans and Doris Regina Chavers.

    Evans’ skeletal remains were discovered back on January 18th of 1986, off of Pump House Road near Jones Island Road in Ormond Beach. According to the Sheriff's Office, his remains had been there for an undetermined amount of time. Forensic examination of the skeleton revealed violent trauma, and the death was determined to be a homicide.

    Two Cold Case Victims Identified By DNA Matches
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