VA KISER, Rodney L. - Namus 1139

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    Rodney L. Kiser
    Age in 1992, 34-35

    Namus 1139

    Age last seen 32
    Date last seen April 26, 1990
    Hazel Mountain Section, Dickenson Co, VA

    Eyes Blue
    Hair Brown/Auburn, curly
    Height (inches) 70.0
    Weight (pounds) 145.0

    No DNA or dental

    Rodney Kiser, was last seen on April 26, 1990.
    Kiser lived on Hazel Mountain about 1/2 mile from the old fire tower. He lived off the main road in a mobile home.
    Kiser worked in Trammel, not far from where he lived. He ran H&G Market, which was owned by his brother. Before he started running the store, Kiser had been a sheriff's deputy.

    He owned property down the road from where he lived. On that land were another mobile home, in which he had once lived, a large old storage building and several inoperative cars.

    Kiser collected many junk cars, and he spent a lot of time working on them, salvaging parts. So he visited the property often. He was headed in that direction when his sister last saw him.

    When Kiser didn't return home and didn't show up to run his store, his family became worried.

    A girlfriend of Kiser's said he had left on a trip to Alexandria to visit his brother. But he never showed up at his brother's home in Alexandria.
    His pickup was found on May 4, 1990, parked at his old place. Keys to the vehicle, a tan, 1983 Dodge Ram 150 pickup, were in the ignition, and the driver's window was partially rolled down. A small brown case was found under the seat. In the case was Kiser's checkbook, some cash and food stamps from his store deposit and a few other items. His gun, a .357 Magnum, which his family claims he always kept with him, was missing, however. It has never been found.

    Traces of blood were found in a room built on the back of his old mobile home, but it was never determined if the blood belonged to Kiser. Money has never been withdrawn from Kiser's checking and savings accounts.

    2 agencies investigating:
    Dickenson County Sheriffs Office Sheriff Bobby Hammons 276-926-1600
    Virginia State Police First Sgt. Roger M. Owens 276/762-2112

    Dickenson Co SO
    Case 90-84-02-0459

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    Rodney Lynn Kiser

    NCIC Number: M-423262827

    Some additional information on

    His further profiles but no new information

    He has thread on websleuths under possible matches for Benjaman Kyle

    His profile on Porchlight including great full copy of news article from 2001 posted there but original link timed out by now

    Unfortunately no identifiers available but as former Dickenson County Sheriff's Deputy they might be available somewhere? It seems his niece might be good source for any further information.

    Obituary of his brother with family details
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    Wow! Wish all our MP's had this much info. Interesting that there aren't more photos, however, given how much story we have. has 53k public records entries for the Kiser family, representing 10k people... I realize these are rough numbers, but that might not be a wise avenue to pursue.
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