Found Deceased KS - Ashley Meiss, 30, Ogden, 17 May 2018

Discussion in 'Located Persons Discussion' started by ksprincess, May 27, 2018.

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    I had wondered how her remains were located. Only thing I’ve seen was a tip called in lead LE to the area. But, The only thing that I’m confused about is her being located behind her apartment complex. I would have thought her family along with all the volunteers ,would have searched that area following the days after her disappearance. And if foul play wasn’t involved then I’d think someone would have stumbled across her.‍♀️ My deepest condolences go out to her children and family. We truly will never know nor understand the demons one faces and fights on the daily!
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    I hate that Ashley wasn’t found sooner. I also hope that searchers don’t beat themselves up.

    I’ve wondered if she was found in a tree. According to the article Jethro4WS posted:

    “Randi Dunning told WIBW her children found the body when they were in the woods looking for kittens.”

    So perhaps the kiddos thought one of the kittens climbed a tree and looked up.

    Here are a few cases in which the body of a missing person was eventually found in a tree:

    1. Jon Mark Lyons
    Reported missing: Sep. 3, 2017
    Found: Jan. 30, 2018
    “[County Coroner Dennis] Fowler said the body was discovered near the intersection of Indian Hill and Leadmine Streets about 8:15 a.m. by a passerby who called 911.
    ‘He reportedly had made threats to do harm to himself following an argument between the two that same day. He used a small cotton clothesline purchased from a nearby store to hang himself on that date.
    I do not suspect any foul play in this case,’ Fowler said.”
    Man found hanging in tree was reported missing in September by fiance, coroner says

    2. Lilia Aucapina
    Reported missing: Oct. 10, 2015
    Found: Nov. 21, 2015
    “A Long Island woman reported missing last month was found hanging from a tree in the woods behind her house Saturday morning, according to her husband’s lawyer.

    A hunter found Lilia Aucapina’s body hanging from a low branch behind her home in Sagaponack. She had been missing since Oct. 10.
    Police in Southampton spent weeks canvassing her neighborhood looking for her but had no leads.” (BBM)
    Missing mom found hanging from a tree near home

    3. Justin Rhodes
    Last seen: Sep. 24, 2014
    Found: Mar. 25, 2015
    “The 21-year-old, who was also known as Justin McKinnon-Blomme, attended a house party on the night of his disappearance. Following a conflict at the party, Justin accepted an offer for a ride home. During the trip, Justin exited the vehicle near the intersection of Acadia Drive and Southland Drive S.E.
    On Wednesday afternoon, a body was located in a tree in the yard of a home on Alberni Road S.E. Police have not released the identity of the deceased as an autopsy had yet to be conducted.

    Family members of Justin confirm they have received notification from police of his death.”
    Tragic conclusion in search for Justin Rhodes

    4. Leanne Bearden:
    Last seen: Jan. 17, 2014
    Found: Feb. 13, 2014
    “Bearden's body had been found the day before, hanging from a mountain cedar tree in the neighborhood, which had been searched several times in the weeks that followed her disappearance.
    She [Garden Ridge Police Chief Donna O’Conner] said the tree was in a dense bamboo thicket that prevented property owners who had been urged to inspect their acreage from seeing it. (BBM)
    Autopsy finding of missing woman: suicide

    From an Emergency Management article:

    “In the classroom, [SAR instructor Micki] Evans taught volunteers to look in a ‘searcher's cube,’ not just tracking to see if there's a body on the ground. Evans said clues, many which can be hidden in vegetation or up in trees, are equally important in pinpointing a missing person's location.“
    Search and Rescue Trains Volunteers to Look for Little Details
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    Yes I am also wondering if that is why she was found that day but not before. I hate that children had to be the ones to find her, but it may have been the perfect storm that allowed her to be found at all.

    I hope that the family is able to see any evidence to understand the conclusions. I hope they are in agreement so that they don't have to imagine Ashley being harmed by another party. Neither is pleasant but at least in LE's scenario she wasn't horribly murdered like other cases we've seen.

    Those poor kids. I hope the good relationship with their father continues and Ashley's family continues to be involved. That will be good for both sides.

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