KS - Patricia Kimmi, 58, Horton, 6 Nov 2009 - #7, New Arrest 3/12/13

Thank you, again, ya'll, for keeping the thread up-to-date on the proceedings.

I just cannot understand why EK hasn't yet been arrested? What could they possibly be waiting for? I'll arrest him right now!
I'm certainly hoping that the weather won't cause a postponement of today's proceedings. Will be intersting to see which "side" ReHo is testifying for, I agree.
My prayers, along with those of the other posters, I'm sure, are with the Kimmi kids again today. Your strength and grace is amazing.
In Gene's (Mindonmom) post Tuesday evening, I believe, he said that some of them had been subpeonaed by the defense. That confuses me. I heard that the Ho daughter wasn't allowed in the courtroom because she could be subpeonaed.
May God continue to watch over you, Kimmi kids.
Changing story...the first tape recording was Jan 23rd (before he was in jail)...and the second tape recording was Mar 6th (he was in jail).
Spooky...KSNT & KQTV have video of Day 3 at the trial...it includes some of the tape recorded voice of RH.
Heathman questions Myer about video from a convenience store that shows a jeep officials say could be Kimmi's and a possible red truck.

Myer says video is hard to make out, but truck is not a dually. It's from 11-6-09, the day Kimmi went missing.

Myer confirms witness that saw red dually truck near Kimmi's house had been drinking beer that night.

Same witness saw someone kicking on side of road near a red truck not far from Kimmi's house.

Defense uncovers that witness who saw someone kicking in grass, and a red dually, lost his cell phone. He told detectives he'd gone to ...Hiawatha, but his truck was found in Oregon, MO. Defense says stories don't add up. Correction: witnesses PHONE was found in Missouri, not his truck.

Defense calls Eugene Kimmi the luckiest man alive; says he should buy lottery tickets.

Myer said he knew of several threats from Eugene Kimmi against pat and the family.

Prosecution has not yet established motive for hollister...

((((((((((nurse comment...........MONEY??????????????)))))))))

From CJonline.com article:

The 59-year-old then claimed he made three trips to an Axtell scrap yard to leave parts of the truck.
“I am so mixed up,” a hysterical Hollister cried out at one point during questioning of where the bed of the truck was placed.
“I was scared for my wife,” Hollister told authorities. “I didn’t really think about myself. I didn’t want my wife hurt.”

Doesn't everyone cut up and sell their vehicles??? He really loved his wife alot, he was a ideal husband, he loved/adored her so much that he tried to murder her a couple of weeks later, isn't that just the sweetest thing he could do, lol...
Thanks Nurse, I'm twitter challenged on a good day. I fear one day I'll send a good typo out into twitterspace and never live it down. Taking the stand now would make ReHo a prosecution witness correct?
Heathman says there is no way to prove truck parts from on Bruce Hollister's farm were from Rogers red dually truck.
about 2 hours ago via TweetDeck

Myer to Heathman on truck: "I can only assume"

Heathman moves onto search of Kimmi Saw Mill. (March 11, 2010)

Myer on Saw Mill Search "We went looking for ties between Hollister & Kimmi Saw Mill." Myer says search turned up no documents.

Heathman's response: "you went looking for documents? Where a guy that cuts things up for a living?Not for evidence of Pat Kimmi?"

Heathman asks Myer for the facts. He asks if Myer can prove when and where Pat Kimmi died?

Myer: "I believe I can yes" Heathman: " I don't want what you believe I want fact."

Prosecutors to Myer: "How many leads did you follow where all had a money clip, Saylor hat, and red truck?" Myer: "One, Roger Hollister."


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