KS - Plane crash kills young couple, daughters, on way to Easter visit

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    NTSB: Plane's engines had power upon impact
    Killed in the crash were Richard Dylan Spencer, 35, a Scott County commissioner and former Scott City councilman who was piloting the plane; his wife, Amy Beth Spencer, 34, a special education teacher in western Kansas; and the couple’s two daughters, Chase, 7 and Ansley, 5.

    The Spencer family was flying from Scott City to Topeka’s Philip Billard Municipal Airport to spend Easter weekend with Amy Spencer’s family in Holton.
    NTSB investigator Tim LeBaron determined the aircraft impacted in a muddy cornfield with its left wing and nose down, then cartwheeled. Debris was strewn over an area 370 feet long by 100 feet wide. There was significant post-impact fire, LeBaron determined,
    Much more at Topeka Capital-Journal link above. So very sad. Rest in peace.
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