Found Safe KY - AC 16, & Noah 3, w/uncle Jacob Clare, Beaver Dam, car fnd in CA, 5/6 Nov 2021 *Arrest*


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May 5, 2019
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I'm so so glad that it seems like AC was forthcoming with what happened and didn't try to 'protect' her uncle by saying that no physical contact occurred. With her openness, I can't see any way that JC could ever argue 'not guilty' on the SA and incest charges.

Jo in Calif

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May 23, 2010
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“We’re going to meet with the family; we’re going to meet with law enforcement and before the session begins this next year—see if there will be any improvements that might be needed. There may not…we’re at least going to take a look at it and I think it’s important that we do that to ensure that our laws that are on the books are working well for every single Tennessean,” he said.

Lawmakers to review TN's Amber Alert process following abduction of 3-year-old


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May 29, 2019
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It is heartbreaking to read the charges in CA. If TBI had been prompt to act on the Amber Alert, and KY had issued an Amber Alert or at the least had taken it seriously from the start, so much could have been avoided.

The maximum sentence in CA will be 14 years and he will face charges in TN and should face charges in KY. Since the crimes took place across state lines, he could also face federal charges. I wonder if the sentencing will be concurrent or separate. If separate, he should be locked up for a very long time.

It will be an interesting case to watch play out. All three states are going to want a piece of him.


Mar 6, 2018
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JAN 13, 2022
Jacob Clare appears in California Court (
  • JC appeared in court in California.
  • His plea remains not guilty and he continues to be held w/o bond.
MAR 21, 2022
Noah’s Law passes unanimously (
HB2354 would allow a custodial parent, under certain circumstances, to seek an emergency court order declaring a child to be in imminent danger of severe bodily injury or death. As a result, the noncustodial parent would be ordered to immediately return the child to the custodial parent.


Noah Clare and his family(photo courtesy of Adam Ennis, Noah's uncle)

APR 15, 2022
California mom honored for role in rescue of two missing Tennessee children
A Dana point mom hailed as a hero for ending a cross country search for a kidnapped boy and girl gasped, then dropped to her knees as one of the rescued children ran into her arms and embraced her in a surprise reunion on Thursday, April 14.


“We will never be able to thank her enough for trusting her instincts and doing what she felt was the right thing to do,” the boy’s mother, 33-year-old Amanda Ennis, said Thursday.

She and her son flew to California to surprise Bonin and join OCSD Sheriff Don Barnes in awarding her with the Sheriff’s Award at the Medal of Valor Ceremony hosted by the Orange County Sheriff’s Advisory Council in Anaheim.

The Dana Point woman was the sole civilian honored alongside 23 deputies who also took action in moments of crisis.