GUILTY KY - Clifton Agnew, 45, brutally murdered in Louisville alley, 6 April 2005

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    LOUISVILLE) -- A local woman has made it her responsibility to see justice prevail in the murder of a homeless man she didn't even know. Clifton Agnew was beaten, sodomized and left for dead in an alley near the Salvation Army on Brook Street in April 2004. Comatose for weeks, he died in a hospital. On Monday attorneys for the three men charged with his murder tried get key evidence thrown out. WAVE 3 Investigator Connie Leonard was there.

    Living on the fringes of society, the homeless population is often forgotten. After a run of bad luck, 45-year-old Clifton Agnew found himself living on the streets of Louisville. He had lost his job working on a Memphis river barge two years earlier, but not his love for life.

    Other homeless people had nicknamed him "Elvis" because of his love of the King's music. Though down on his luck, Agnew still managed to help others.

    "He was just real quiet, real nice -- he gave me a blanket one time," said one man who knew Agnew. "What happened to him is real shocking to me."

    On April 6, 2004, Agnew was sleeping in the alley behind the Salvation Army on Brook Street when he was approached by three men. Police say 42-year-old Derrick Edmonds, 45-year-old Dwayne Edmonds and 20-year-old Tyreese Hall had decided to rob him.

    But Agnew only had 50 cents.
    What a caring woman this is :clap: :clap:
    These 3 men are EVIL and should get the DP :behindbar I hope the judge does the right thing.
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    From April 2014:

    Hall is serving 25 to life, per Kentucky DOC:

    Derek Edmonds got life without parole:

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