KY - Edward Leroy Nichols, 22, Union, 3 Dec 1974

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    Last seen alive: December 03, 1974

    Circumstances: Edward Nichols disappeared on 12-3-74 while hunting with friend. The 2 separated and Nichols was not seen or heard from since.

    First Name: Edward Leroy
    Middle Name: Leroy
    Last Name: Nichols
    [h=3]Details[/h] Age When Last Known Alive: 22
    Race: White
    Sex: Male
    Height: 72.0
    Weight: 160.0
    [h=3]Location[/h] City: Union
    State: Kentucky
    County: Boone
    [h=3]Appearance[/h] Hair: Brown
    Head Hair: bushy hair
    Eye: Brown
    [h=3]Clothing and Accessories[/h] Clothing: blue jeans
    army fatigue jacket
    white socks

    Please help find a photo of Edward and more info
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