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KY KY - James Mann Morris, 28, Henderson County, 4 May 1977

Discussion in '1970's Missing' started by Kat, Dec 13, 2011.

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    His car was found abandoned in Evansville IN, it is believed he was taken to a rural area in Henderson County KY and shot.


    Anyone with information can contact the case officers, Sgt. Jackie Carver or Lt. Sean McKinney, with the Kentucky State Police Post 16 Henderson, Kentucky at (270)-826-3312 or via e-mail at Jackie.Carver@ky.gov or Sean.McKinney@ky.gov.

    Picture is from Doenetwork, link above:

    NOTE: IIRC Henderson County is in Western KY. Looking at the map and given the mileage stated by LE in the above article, I would venture to say he was last seen in the city (town) of Henderson which lies in Henderson County.

    james mann morris.jpg

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