KY - John Moses, 42, dies in arson fire, Lexington, 25 July 1995

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    Sometimes Mary Moses, 52, thinks she is a little girl who adores cats, her attorney says.

    Psychiatrists have determined that Moses has nine different personalities -- three men, three women and three children. They haven't gotten along in the past, leading to suicide attempts or self mutilation.

    On a summer night in 1995, Moses tried to kill herself and her husband, John Q. Moses II, by dousing a tablecloth with lamp oil and setting her mobile home ablaze, according to police records. John Moses, 58, died of smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning.

    For much of the last decade, Moses has been institutionalized at Central State Hospital in Louisville, deemed incompetent to stand trial on murder and arson charges. But the hospital unexpectedly announced it would release her last month, leading to her swift re-indictment by prosecutors.

    Now, as Moses sits in a cell at the Fayette County Detention Center, a legal fight is brewing in Fayette Circuit Court between her public defender and prosecutors. At issue is whether Moses' mental condition will deteriorate awaiting trial in jail -- which the defense claims jeopardizes the constitutionality of her yet-to-be-scheduled trial -- and what, if anything, can be done to prevent that.

    Medical records filed in court show Moses has been diagnosed with an array of mental illnesses: multiple personality disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorder and adjustment disorder with depressed mood.

    She takes two powerful drugs to fight her depression: Effexor and Lithium.

    "She has a history of abuses that will curl your hair when you hear it," said Dunn, who declined to elaborate. "... If she did anything, she is not responsible for it. Mary Moses is simply the host. For years, she has been controlled by these personalities."

    Dunn thinks one of Moses' alter egos, the little girl, was at her arraignment Nov. 10.
    This article is worth reading, it is a good examle of the problems of having a mental health patient enter the justice system.
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