KY KY - Melvia Roarx, 28, Caneyville, 4 June 2013 - mom of 4

Another young, petite blonde woman missing.... I hope that she is found safe. :please:
i found her sister's fb page, but i don't see one for Melvia.
A few tidbits from the group page:

** Her van apparently had an oil leak.
** The ex has apparently been cleared.

I feel horrible for her sister. She is beside herself with worry. :(
Crew's search for missing woman from Grayson Co. turns up leads

It’s a last desperate attempt to find any indication of what happened to Melvia Roarx. Law enforcement teams from around the area banded together to search an area they couldn’t reach until now, holding out hope that they’ll find answers.


The Grayson County Sheriff's Office said nothing of great importance was found, but leads did develop that they will follow.
This is a few months old and the most recent information I could find.
Children of missing woman get Christmas surprise
December 27. 2013 12:30PM
More than six months after 28-year-old Caneyville resident Melvia Roarx suddenly vanished, the children of the missing woman were able to experience a brief moment of happiness amidst their wishes of having their mother home for the holidays.
The GCSO staff and their families had taken up a collection to purchase Christmas gifts for the children, who still have no idea what happened to their mother in June of this year.!TO7S4

It's a case that's being called a mystery in Grayson County, with several leads but no concrete answers as to what happened to a young mother of four who disappeared a year ago. It has the Grayson County Department and the family of Melvia Roarx emotionally frustrated...

"It's hard because she's gone and I want her to come home and I feel in my heart she's missing and I want her to come home," said Roarx's 5-year-old daughter, Sandy Roarx, who said she's praying her mother will return...

Roarx's family said they're having a vigil for her on June 9, but that will be the last vigil because the kids can't take any more.
Family pleas for help to find mother

A mother of four went missing more than a year and half ago, and her family is still begging for her return.

WLKY talked with the woman's family and they tells us her children doesn't want anyone to forget about their mother.


The way Melvia left her van is what makes her disappearance suspicious.

"She ain't strong enough to break an ignition key. I mean why would somebody go to that great of length? To break a key in half and hide it at two different points of the van," said Potts.


&#8220;These kids deserve some kind of answer something,&#8221; said Potts. &#8220;She is a person just like all of us she deserves to be found, she's got four little kids. They need to do something."

The Grayson County Sheriff's Department, who calls this case a "very suspicious," said they have used search teams, drones and have travelled to Michigan to follow up leads on the case.
I for some reason latched on to this case which as most cases gets very little attention and it is in a small town with a small sheriff department and I always wonder in these cases if small departments have a harder time solving cases bc of little man power, less expertise etc. Melvia's missing facebook page has had a lot of action lately and a main theme since its inception has been accusations towards the ex, the ex's wife and a cousin and that spouse and there seems to be also a theme of accusations of heavy drug use by these couples and Melvia possibly going to the police. The ex has been cleared but that was by a past sheriff and there is a new sheriff in town and I hope he is monitoring this page. IMO it seems like something is about to give.

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