GUILTY KY - Paige Johnson, 17, found deceased, Florence, 23 Sept 2010 *arrest in 2020*

The jury is set to resume deliberations in the Jacob Bumpass trial He's charged with tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse in regard to the dumping of the remains of Paige Johnson in 2010 It was unable to reach a unanimous verdict Friday

Glad that Jacob finally has something stuck to him regarding the disappearance of Paige Johnson. However I feel that he is guilty of much worse than what he was convicted of.

Someone from his family was verbally abusive toward Donna Johnson, other members of her family, friends, truth seekers, searchers, investigators, and law enforcement.

Someone close to Jacob Bumpass and several on his side; dishonestly tried to shift blame and suspicion on Donna Johnson, other members of her family, friends, truth seekers, searchers, investigators, and law enforcement.

I feel the charges and this conviction fall short, but at least are something to bring some accountability to Jacob Bumpass.

I'm fairly certain that at least one person helped Jacob destroy evidence. I suspect that several people had knowledge, covered up, caused diversions (including false rumors), making threats and slandering some, and trying to shift blame on some of those that were hot on the trail and/or advocating justice for Paige Johnson.

About a decade ago allegedly; a relative of Jacob seemed to claim to know where Paige Johnson's body was, seemed to taunt covering up for a serial killer. I think others should be charged. But unfortunately much time has passed and law enforcement and court only have so much resources.

It was wrong for some thugs to try to blame Donna and others.

May this verdict bring some justice and relief to those that need it.
JUL 30, 2023
Paige Johnson’s mother, Donna Johnson, said after the verdict that it had been “a long wait and that part has been very hard,” since her daughter’s remains have been held in evidence pending the trial. Now, she said, “I get to bring my baby home and give her the dignity she has deserved this whole time and has had to wait for.”

“I will always want to know what happened. I don’t think he’s ever gonna tell us,” Johnson said. “This sadness will stay with me forever.”

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