GUILTY KY - Police Chief Randy Lacy, 55, shot to death, Clay City, 13 June 2007

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    Clay City Police Chief Shot and Killed
    Posted: 12:15 PM Jun 13, 2007
    Last Updated: 3:02 PM Jun 13, 2007

    CLAY CITY, Ky. (AP) - The police chief of Clay City in eastern Kentucky has been shot and killed.
    Powell County Judge-Executive Darren Farmer says Chief Randy Lacy is dead.

    Farmer says a man had been arrested by Lacy shortly after eleven this morning and placed in the back seat of Lacy's cruiser.
    Farmer says authorities tell him a shot was fired from the back seat that struck Lacy.

    Sources tell 27 NEWSFIRST the man arrested for killing Police Chief Randy Lacy is 32 year old Jamie Barnett. We're told Barnett is currently being held in Montgomery County Jail. He was taken there instead of Powell County Jail for his own safety.

    A news conference is being held at 3:00 this afternoon. You can watch it on 27 NEWSFIRST where we will carry it live or on our web channel.

    From the Press Conference that just finished, it appears that Barnett was picked up on drunk driving charges. Lacy was the ONLY officer on duty at the time in the city. Apparently Barnett somehow got Lacy's gun into the backseat and shot him in the back of the head. A deputy Sheriff for Powell County found Barnett outside the vehicle when he pulled up -- Lacy was in the front seat.

    Charges are pending, but should be in place shortly. Also, the officer at the press conference stated that Barnett was 27, not 32.
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