GUILTY KY - Timothy Hudson & Sherri Carter for child abuse, neglect, Louisville, 2003

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    LOUISVILLE -- She cried and begged, pleading with a local judge not to send her to prison, but Sherri Carter will spend five years in prison for neglecting and abusing her children.

    Carter pleaded guilty to the charges in February, several months after she and her roommate, Timothy Hudson, were arrested in connection with the abuse of her two children.

    According to investigators, Carter and Hudson kept the 2- and 3-year-old locked in a closet for several hours at a time, gave them alcohol and allowed one to eat the other's vomit.

    "I beg you for probation, your honor," Carter pleaded with Judge Anne O'Malley Shake. "I promise -- you will never regret it. What am I going to do?"

    Carter was sentenced after Hudson pleaded no contest Wednesday, meaning he maintains his innocence, but acknowledges there's enough proof for a conviction, WLKY NewsChannel 32's Bill Alexander reported.

    The children, under (Carter's) care and (that of) Mr. Hudson, were bound, barricaded and at times beaten," prosecutor Steve Keller said. "The photos bear that out."

    Carter said she knew she was wrong, and added that she was sorry for what had happened, blaming a lot of it on her own abused childhood, Alexander reported. Police and prosecutors said they were tipped off when they got a call to the state's abuse hotline about what was happening.
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    What a HORRIBLE story! My heart is just breaking for those poor babies and what they had to go through at the hands of their own mother. I can only hope she is NEVER allowed to see those kids again, it sounds like her father will do a good job of giving them the love and care they need and DESERVE.

    I think child abusers, but especially when it is the parents themselves who are abusing/allowing children to be abused should be given LIP. 2 years ain't $hit compared to what mental damage she has caused these children. Anyone that cruel should not be walking around in civilized society.

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