KY - Verlin Bailey for child molestation, Boone County, 2005

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    A child molester whose victim allegedly tried to blackmail him 30 years after the abuse will likely serve no jail time.

    Verlin Bailey, 57, of Warsaw was sentenced Wednesday to 10 years each on three counts of indecent or immoral practices with a minor, and put on probation for five years. That means he will not have to serve the sentence if he follows the terms of his probation for five years.

    Boone Circuit Judge Tony Frohlich also placed Bailey on the state's sex offender registry for life.

    Bailey was originally indicted on 14 counts of child sex abuse that could have sent him to prison for 50-plus years, but a plea agreement was reached after Bailey's victim was arrested for trying to blackmail him.

    Jackson's former attorney, Ken Rylee, is also charged with theft by extortion and engaging in organized crime for his involvement is the alleged extortion plot.
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