WA Kyeimah A. Spann (6) - Seattle WA, 2005

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    Kyeimah A. Spann

    Endangered Missing from Seattle, Washington since January 1, 2005

    Age: 6 -- Height: 2'6" -- Weight: 45 lbs -- Hair Color: Black -- Eye Color: Brown

    Authorities believe Kyeimah's mother, Samara Spann, murdered Kyeimah at their Seattle, Washington home on December 31, 2004 or January 1, 2005. Neighbors reported hearing her cursing and screaming outside for nearly an hour. They called police after she fired a gunshot from her back porch around 1:00 am.

    On January 11, Samara called DSHS and said Kyeimah had gone to stay with her grandmother in Missouri. In mid-February, Samara and her infant son and 14-year-old daughter moved to California. Shortly thereafter, CPS received a tip that Samara had drowned Kyeimah. In March, Kyeimah's father reported her missing.

    Also in March, Samara was arrested in California for abusing her older daughter. She told police Kyeimah was with her father, but he did not have her. In June 2005, Samara was charged with her murder. She is believed to have drowned her, decapitated her, and thrown her into a river. In May 2007, she pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

    In spite of searches, Kyeimah's body has never been found.


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