LA 8 "Traveling Kids" Perish in New Orleans Warehouse Fire

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    8 killed in fire in abandoned 9th Ward building

    In the city's deadliest blaze in decades, a fire in an abandoned building in the 9th Ward overnight killed 8 people, according to the New Orleans Fire Department. [​IMG]

    Fire Department spokesman Greg Davis confirmed the death toll early this morning. He said the remains of two dogs were also found at the scene.

    The bodies were burned beyond recognition, and authorities are still trying to determine how many of the victims were male and how many were female, firefighters said. A survivor of the blaze told firefighters that the people staying in the building were squatters, most of them in their teens and early 20s.

    The fire happened Tuesday. As of today, four victims have been identified. They were between 17 and 22 years-old, and they were all from out of state.

    The following article on "traveling kids" is related, and I thought it would be of interest here at Websleuths because it describes the lifestyle of many of our nation's runaways.

    'Traveling kids' linked by tight networks in many cities

    Published: Thursday, December 30, 2010, 9:30 PM Updated: Thursday, December 30, 2010, 10:45 PM

    In this impromptu gang of friends, "Band Camp" was the oldest, at 26.

    He was taking his turn with a cardboard sign, appealing to the charitable instincts of drivers on Elysian Fields Avenue as they slowed for the red light at North Claiborne. A month from now, he would likely be doing the same thing in a different city with different people, bound together by their preference for hitching rides on freight trains and living on the margins of society.

    It was an unusually warm morning in late December. The drinking had taken its toll, and a shirtless Band Camp staggered through traffic.

    Continued at the link. A well written article.
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