GUILTY LA - Det. John Smith, 40, & Det. Charles Wilson, 34, shot to death, 10 Aug 2007


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Two policemen killed, two emergency workers injured, and one other dead. Two have been arrested and police are still surrounding motel where someone is still holed up. They think these may be involved with two murders in Texas but don't know if it has been confirmed. So sad when our policemen lose their lives like this.

After I posted this I saw I had put policeman instead of policemen in the heading. I couldn't change it.
Wow I used to live there during Hurricane Rita, I havent heard about this yet. How sad.
I just switched to WWL tv and there was only a short blurb on this news. Nothing at all was added to the link's info.
BASTROP — Two Bastrop police officers and one criminal suspect were killed in a shootout this afternoon at a hotel in this northeastern Louisiana town...

Authorities are searching for another suspect — a woman who also is wanted in Texas....

...Police were searching the hotel and surrounding areas for a 26-year-old woman linked to a stolen car from Texas found at the hotel. The woman, described as a “white or Hispanic female wearing a white tank top and blue jeans” also is linked to an investigation of a killing in Harrison County, Texas, Dennis said...

Authorities were continuing to search for a woman named Tanya Smith, a 26-year-old Texan (Harrison Co.).
Prayers for the Officers who selflessly gave their lives, and prayers for their families. That's so sad.
I live west of monroe Louisiana about 30 min from bastrop, I will post update after 10 pm news...

2 Bastrop Police Officers Killed

BASTROP (TV8) - Morehouse Parish Sheriff Danny McGrew confirms two Bastrop police officers were shot and killed Friday afternoon in downtown Bastrop. State Police say the shooting happened when the officers went to the Budget Inn on South Franklin Street.

McGrew says one of two suspects was also shot and killed. The other suspect was believed to have fled the scene in a stolen dark green or black Dodge pickup truck. She was identified as Tanya "Little Feather" Smith. Smith was described as a 26-year-old white female, five-feet nine-inches in height and weighs 150 pounds with brown hair, hazel eyes and a tattoo on her left wrist.

Police say the two suspects may have had connections to a recent homicide near Houston.

Two emergency medical technicians were also shot and wounded. The grandmother of one of the victims says her granddaughter was shot in the head but is doing okay.

Relatives of the other EMT who was shot said he underwent surgery at Morehouse General Hospital. They say the bullent pentrated his elbow and exited the wrist, but left no broken bones.

Immediately following the shooting, police and SWAT teams surrounded the hotel, but found no one left alive in the room where the suspects had been staying.

TV8 News reporter Jennifer Townley reported from the scene that part of downtown Bastrop was sealed off, both Bastrop City Hall and the Morehouse Parish courthouse were evacuated, and downtown storekeepers were advised to lock their doors and stay inside.

A clerk in a store on the Bastrop courthouse square called KNOE TV8 News to describe the scene following the shooting. She says police armed with rifles are running around the area of a motel near the square. She also saw ambulances coming and going from the area.
Tanya "Little Feather" Smith

Believed to be back in Harris county area.
Some local residents have been arrested for helping one of the suspects escape. I don't understand why the national media is covering a man suing over a cheeseburger and not covering this case where three people were killed and two injured. Two policemen killed while on duty. Is a man and his cheeseburger more important? I saw a little on MSNBC yesterday but one time is all I have seen it and I keep one of the news channels on almost all the time.
From April 2009:

Tanya Smith will never again know what it feels like to be free. She was sentenced Friday to life in prison with hard labor on both counts of second-degree murder in the case of Bastrop Police Detective Sergeants John Smith and Det. Chuck Wilson. These convictions are to run consecutively.

Judge Scott Leehy read Tanya Smith her sentence Friday morning after motions of a new trial and post-verdict judgment of acquittal from her attorney Lewis Scott were denied. Leehy stated that Smith, who denies association with the Aryan Brotherhood, was in fact an associate of the white supremacist group...

Leehy also sentenced Smith to the maximum penalty on eight other charges, which are to run concurrent with the life sentences and carry an 87 1/2 year combined sentence. In January, Smith was sentenced to 25 years of Federal firearms charges.

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