LA firefighter interrupts his wedding to save a life

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    30-year-old Los Angeles firefighter Cody Campbell was happily sitting with his new bride Kelly Yocca at a Rancho Santa Margarita golf club last weekend, listening to the speeches. Like most wedding receptions, a videographer was present, to catch any special moments.

    That moment turned out to be when a family member of the bride began choking and Cody leapt into action to save her life.

    'Within a nanosecond, Cody was up and doing the Heimlich maneuver,' his proud mom Doreen Campbell said.

    After several attempts, a large piece of steak was ejected and the unnamed 60-year-old relative regained consciousness and color enough to thank her saviour. The rest of the wedding went without a hitch.

    Catch Cody leaping into action here:
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