LA - Lee Kratzer, 20, Roanoke, 25 June 1982

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    Lee Kratzer was last seen by her family in 1982 when she dropped her daughter off with relatives and said she would return. She never did and some time went by until they heard from her again. They received a phone call from Lee, who was at the New Orleans Airport, and she asked for a ride. When they got there, she wasn't at the airport and they never heard from her again. Her daughter filed a missing person's report in February of 2014.

    The sheriff's office announced recently that they have closed the case and have identified Lee. She passed away in 2008 and was living under the name of Lisa Neese. Neese's daughter was investigating her mother's childhood and found the picture of Lee that was being circulated for her missing person's case file. Both daughters submitted DNA and the results concluded that Lisa Neese and Lee Kratzer were the same person.

    Jeff Davis Sheriff's Office: 1982 missing person case solved


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    What a horrible thing to walk out on your child and family and leave them without answers for years and years, only to start a new family somewhere else.
    I'm sure many of the missing on this site and on Namus, charleyproject etc did just that, and some are still alive, laughing at sites likes this one where all we want is to find them.
    (And the majority are of course, imo, genuinely missing by no fault of their own)

    I have a hard time feeling sympathy or empathy.
    I'm happy the sisters found each other.

    There was a similar story a year or two back.
    Woman in the 70's or 80's had gone to be with her boyfriend in a different country then wanted to come back 20-30 years later because she needed American medical care.
    Her family had been searching for her for years, suffering all the agonies of a loved one being missing.
    Some people are just gross.


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