LA LA- Ray "Boy" Stevens, Co-owner of Jettie's seafood restaurant, fatally shot, Cameron, March 1984 *New initiative^


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Oct 21, 2009
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March 24 2023

''Cameron, LA (KPLC) - A tight-knit community in Southwest Louisiana holds a 40-year-old secret.

The mysterious death of a Cameron businessman remains unsolved to this day, leaving his family questioning who would do such a terrible thing to the man who was always there for the community.

The year is 1984. Yvonne Stevens and her husband Ray Stevens, affectionately known as Ray Boy, and their three children live in Cameron where they co-own a popular seafood restaurant called The Jettie’s.

“We had this big grand opening,” Yvonne Stevens said. “It was a very nice place. For this area, it was a top-notch restaurant.”

“One of our deputies at the sheriff’s office were making their normal rounds around the Jettie restaurant located off of Davis Road here in Cameron, and they discovered a white male victim on top of the stairs that had died of apparent gunshot wounds,” Cameron Chief Deputy Chris Savoie said.

It was an apparent robbery gone wrong with obvious signs of a struggle''

There is some evidence that does link us to possible suspects in this case,” Savoie said. “We want to ask the people of the community and the people of Southwest Louisiana that if they have any information on this case, no matter how irrelevant. We ask you to please call us, because that may be the little piece of the puzzle.”

''Stevens’ three children grew up without their father.''