LA LA - Tre'Varion Jackson, 16, Baton Rouge, 25 Nov 2013

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    Tre'Varion Jackson

    Tre'Varion Jackson is a 16 year old teen-aged black male who has gone missing since November 25th, 2013 from his residence in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He got up that morning, dressed himself, and without a phone or money, left his residence. The interesting, but sad hook about this case, is that it is thought that his disappearance is basically due to an untruthful claim he made that he shot and killed someone at the Greater Baton Rouge State Fair some weeks before he disappeared. In a reply to that claim, someone stating... 'If that was you that shot that boy. You over with.' The mother stated that Jackson didn't even go to the fair, in fact, another was later charged in connection to the murder. She is uncertain as to why her son even posted the message in the first place.

    Please contact The Baton Rouge Police at 225-344-STOP(7867).
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