LA LA - Wilfred Kennerson III, 36, vehicle found in Opelousas, Bastrop, 4 Oct 2021 *Reward*


Mar 6, 2018
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Family of missing Opelousas man says they suspect foul play
12 Nov 2021

She says Bastrop, Louisiana, is the last place they knew Wilfred was at. They say he was spending the night at a friend’s. On October 4, he texted his daughter, that he was on his way home. That was the last time she heard from him. [snip] His family started searching, and four days after they last heard from him, they found his car parked down the road from his father’s restaurant. His family believes someone may have planted his car there because they haven’t seen or heard from him since. “Very much, foul play is suspected at this time,” his sister told News Ten.

They found his car four days after they last heard from him which was on 4 Oct. I suppose his car was located on 8 Oct. Yet again, I'm confused. :)
I'm confused too... Per an older article - see below - it seems the bachelor party was traveling in a white van. I don't remember seeing that before.
  1. Was he actually seen on Oct 5 or just his vehicle without him in it?
  2. Who last saw him and where?
  3. What is the source for "he was heading back home?" Is that based on a text?
  4. Was his last text at 11:45 pm on Oct 4 actually made by him?
  5. He traveled from Dallas/LA to Louisiana on 10/4, went to a bachelor party, and then texted his daughter to say he was on his way home (a 3 hour drive) when he didn't have to pick her up until after school the next day? All that in the same day? :oops:

OCT 13, 2021
Kinnerson's father, Wilfred Kinnerson Jr. says he last spoke to his son the day before he was reported missing.

"When I opened up the phone to send it to him but he was on Instagram in a white van with about 15 guys. I think they were down there for a bachelor party,” said Kinnerson.


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Aug 23, 2015
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So many questions! Sometime last year (sorry, I remember reading, no other details) except 2 black men from either Alabama or Louisiana drove to LA for a couple days to meet some friends but never was seen again. Does anyone recall? So many similarities in a few of the missing black men in the south, in the last year or so.

This seems like between 15 people they took turns driving… or I hope so. From Dallas to LA and then to Louisiana, all in 3 days? Apparently, he started a new business venture for himself a couple months prior. So sad.