LACKEY, Jerry W. - Namus 4777

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    Jerry W. Lackey
    Age in 1992, 33- 34

    Namus 4777

    Case Information
    Status Missing
    First name Jerry
    Middle name Wayne
    Last name Lackey

    Date last seen July 29, 1985 08:09
    Roebuck, Jefferson Co, AL

    Age last seen 36 to years old
    Age now 66 years old
    Race White

    Eyes Blue
    Hair Dark Blonde
    Height (inches) 74.0
    Weight (pounds) 160.0

    Dental Status: Dental information / charting is currently not available
    DNA Status: Sample is currently not available
    Fingerprint Information Status: Fingerprint information is currently not available

    Was last seen by his brother-in-law on July 29, 1985, Police found Lackey's silver 1982 Chevrolet pickup the night of his disappearance. It was located on Weaver Avenue, near Interstate 20, in St Clair County, Al. Blood hounds from St. Clair Correctional covered the area adjacent to the location of the truck with no success.

    Sgt. David Agee
    Case number 85077400
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