'Lassie' aids master after riding mishap

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    A 13-month-old cattle dog called Lassie has lived up to the famous name by helping its injured master when he fell from a horse in north Queensland.

    Atherton Tableland farmer George Crowther, 90, broke his pelvis in a bare-back horse riding accident three weeks ago.

    His foot became caught in the reins, the horse bucked and ended up on top of him.

    Lassie came to the rescue, snuggling in next to Mr Crowther to provide warmth, before going for help.

    "Darkness came [and] my wife [was] searching for me with a torch," Mr Crowther said. "I couldn't make her hear.

    "She called the dog. The dog ran to her and she said 'where's George?', and she toddled off, leading my wife to where I was and the rest of course is history.

    "A beautiful dog, faithful, everything, laid beside me."
    :clap: :clap: :clap: Only 13 months old and very clever .I am not sure a 90 year old should still be riding horses .he must be fit for his age.
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    That was a nice story...thought I was watching TV for a minute there. :p

    Wait, what's that Lassie? Timmy fell in the well? Here we go again. :doh:

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