Last minute donation of $250,000 for toys for tots

Discussion in 'News that makes you smile!' started by not_my_kids, Dec 24, 2011.

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    This made me bawl like a child myself. Our local toys for tots centers have been putting their all into gettin last minute donations. One man slept outside for sponsored money on the coldest night we have so far, in order to bring in some donations. It was not enough. There has been a record setting jump in the number of families that are requesting their help here locally. Last night's news included a video of sad faced Toys for Tots volunteers packing and shipping what they had, which fell far short of their regional goals.

    And then:
    The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation received a last-minute donation of a quarter of a million dollars.

    The donor, a Michigan native, requested the funds be used to purchase and distribute toys to families in Detroit, Genesee, Flint and surrounding communities.

    The same donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, made a last minute donation of $200,000 last year. Thank you, whoever you are. Truly, thank you, and may you have much to celebrate this year and for many years to come.
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    Oh!!! So sweet! I felt so bad reading about the sad faced volunteers. Thank God there are people with large hearts!!!!!

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