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Last resting place of 700 US Navy men confirmed, and has been looted

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    The US Navy said Monday that divers have confirmed a WW2 warship that's the last resting place of around 700 missing men, is laying at a popular diving site off the west of Java, and the war grave has been tampered with.

    The USS Huston sank in 1942, with, it was thought at the time, the loss of all 1,068 hands aboard. After the war it was revealed there had been survivors, when 291 were released from Japanese POW camps. More may have died during their imprisonment, of course, hence the uncetainty about how exactly many hands were lost.

    Although the site of the wreckage has been a popular diving site for years, it was only in June that a team from the US Mobile Diving Salvage Unit were sent to research it, along with an Indonesian team. They also laid a wreath, while a memorial service was held above.

    After assessing all the evidence, the Navy History and Heritage Command announced yesterday that it has concluded 'the recorded data is consistent with the identification of the former USS Houston.' It also revealed part of the hull and live ordnance have been looted. US and Indonesian authorities are now working together to make sure the wargrave's protected.

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