Latest Websleuths Radio Podcast with Leigh Egan and Sheryl McCollum/Topic is Heidi Broussard.

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    Hey Everyone,
    CLICK HERE to listen to my podcast with Crimeonline's Leigh Egan and from the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute Sheryl McCollum

    Leigh Egan's reporting is always top-notch and she always gets the best info on the cases we discuss on Websleuths. In addition, Leigh always has stories uploaded quicker than anyone else.

    Sheryl McCollum is a dear friend of ours who has the credentials to back up what she says about a crime scene or anything crime-related.

    Both of these incredible women have very interesting things to say about this horrible murder.

    Big thanks to both Leigh and Sheryl for taking time out of the busy schedules to appear on Weblseuths Radio Podcast.
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