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    For those of you who know someone in law enforcement that may benefit for taking a Missing Adults Training Class please send them the link below. I have been working with Fox Valley Technical College for 4 years and we have trained several hundred LE.

    The next class is in Virginia on July 8-10.

    "The National Center for Missing Adults in partnership with
    Fox Valley Technical College, Criminal Justice Center for Innovation

    Learn about critical investigative tools, federal legislation and resources YOU and YOUR AGENCY need to know to effectively respond to reports of missing adults. This is a MUST-HAVE training for law enforcement and criminal justice agencies. This training is designed for investigators, detectives, college campus police officers, police academy instructors, dispatchers, and policy makers."

    July 8-10, 2008
    Central Shenandoah Criminal Justice Training Academy
    3045 Lee Highway
    Weyers Cave, VA 24486
    Ph: (540) 234-9191

    Robert Cooke
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