Lee and Casey Jail Call Transcript

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    LEE: Hey Casey are you there

    Hey. Yeah I’m here

    LEE: Sorry my cell phone reception is terrible

    CASEY: It sucks at the house I know

    LEE: I still want you to know that you can call me and I’ll try you know get as much out there as I can before anything, what ever dies. I know it s not a good situation , you know what can we do. You know

    CASEY: Yeah absolutely

    LEE: Um, so do you understand what I was trying to say for that, that you know, you can reach out to them and they, I know that you said that when we did visitation and I want you to know that you don’t have to necessarily have to put everything through your attorney if you feel like you wanted to speak to them about anything at all, you can still request that he be there, but he doesn’t have to and you don’t have to do that through him

    CASEY: Oh I know. But that’s something we had talked about yesterday actually

    LEE: Ok good. Do you plan on speaking with any of those guys at all?

    CASEY: We’re going to set up a meeting for Monday, Jose was going to think about stuff, how we were going to set things up over the weekend. He was going to be here with me when we bring then in, um, you know and as far as what I answer, how I answer, you know how all that goes down he was going to figure that out this weekend. He was actually going to come up either today or tomorrow and bring a couple of the videos I guess for me to watch from some of the news stuff that’s been going on, I guess some of the talk shows. Just to try to update me on some of the stuff. Plus he wanted me wanted me to get a good laugh.

    LEE: Well here’s the thing, don’t put too much stock in and faith into anything that the media is putting out there because you’ve got to understand they get the information they speculate on information and then, you know, you put something out there so they can fill their clips.

    CASEY: Oh I know. I actually caught a little bit of it. I mean I only got to see maybe an eighth of the TV, but I can see the pictures and stuff that were coming up last night. I just caught a little bit of that, between the 10 and 11 o’clock news.

    LEE: Here’s an FYI for you, so you can conduct yourself accordingly. Everything is public record, including this phone call, including, um the visitation videos, all that stuff is going to end up being released at some point.

    CASEY: Oh I know,

    LEE: I had no knowledge of that what so ever

    They told me that yesterday

    LEE: They told me that after we did that, so. Um so there’s obviously some things that I would have asked in a different way.

    CASEY: Yeah, absolutely

    LEE: And I don’t want you to you know feel for any reason that we’re not on your side about anything, cause we are, about everything. We’re completely behind you. And being completely behind you our entire focus, all our days, every second of every day is consumed with ‘What can we do to find Caylee’.

    CASEY: Yes absolutely

    LEE: So, is there anything? I know we had spoken before and you understand how all this works, now. but do you have anything that you can, you know, tell me, that would help?

    CASEY: There’s nothing I can think of at the moment. I’m actually going to try and get something together, you know today so I can write a couple letters to the family. I’m even going to get with (intelligible) and stuff to see if he does get that directly. But still put out my own specific so if anything happens, if there’s any lapse you still will get what I’m trying to put across too.

    LEE: And just remember that if you give it to the attorney….

    CASEY: They can read it and choose whether or not to even fix it which is why I’ll do a secondary letter to make sure it’s direct

    LEE: Perfect I would encourage that 110 percent. So is there anything specifically, I know you’re going to meet with, you know the investigators and everything, you know. Is there anything specifically the details that you want to clarify to me now so that I’m following up on my own leads and my own information, putting the stuff together, you know then I can start working on it now?

    CASEY: Um, at the moment there’s nothing specific or nothing that you know should probably be said here. Um, again I’ll put something together before I see Jose or when I see Jose and you know make sure that I have something also to put out.

    LEE: Right.

    CASEY: So that way you can get whatever you like

    LEE: Ok. And just so remember when you get to talk to those guys um, you know, you mentioned that you’re going to have your prep and everything with Jose. But remember truth don’t hurt.

    CASEY: I know but there are some things that I have told them that were misconstrued and not used to their benefit. I gave them the same resources that I gave you and you found out a hundred more things then they did. And they were given the same information. So it’s just about the approach I guess and using the resources to their full extent. Again I’m everybody’s biggest resource; you have said that, Jose has said that, mom and dad have said that.

    LEE: Right but at the same time we still we just need to figure out how we can be clear on what ever we’re giving to them, so even if we have to you know speak very direct or we can’t really speak in generalities with them, with anybody is what I’m finding out . Or if we tell them I’m not completely sure on the spelling or I’m not completely sure on this or that. They take everything exactly up front to the ‘T’. Exactly how you provide it. So if it’s off at all they don’t even think to look in any other areas….

    CASEY: That’s why I gave them things multiple times. Each officer I gave the same information at least two or three times, I’ve done the same thing with you, the same thing with mom, the same thing with Jose. Everyone has the same information, same spelling, same names. None of that has altered because that’s it

    LEE: What do you think, where do you think. You think Caylee’s ok right now?

    My gut feeling? As mom asked me yesterday and even Jose asked me last night, the psychologist asked me this morning that I got through the court, um in my gut she’s still ok. And it still feels like she’s close to home.

    LEE: Ok

    CASEY: So that’s still my best feeling at the moment, again if that changes, obviously I’m going to reach out and say something immediately. But I know mom will understand this better then anyone that’s there’s that type of bond that you have with your kid and it’s you know unexplainable, absolutely.

    LEE: Did you speak with Caylee over the phone at any time?

    CASEY: I did one time, yes, and that was actually the day that mom called the police.

    LEE: Do you remember what time you spoke to her?

    CASEY: Around noon, it was through a private call.

    LEE: Um they will beep this out so don’t worry about it, can you give me your log in and password for you AT&T account online so I can pull the remainder of your phone records.

    (She relays the information.)

    LEE: I have your phone records to a certain extent, but I don’t have through the 15th and 16th so.

    CASEY: You don’t have the most current ones

    LEE: So that will help me extremely, um, did you ever have, or did you ever call the baby sitter on your cell phone or ever receive a call from the baby sitter on your cell phone number?

    CASEY: I most definitely did.

    LEE: Can you give me any day or anything whenever you think may have received that?

    CASEY: A specific day, um, god a lot of the times it was through text messages so the number would show up even on that, um I can’t think of any specifics. My days are all thrown together at least I know what the day is today, but as far as stuff from the last couple of months I have no exact time or date. If I can think of something.

    LEE: Do you remember an area code?

    CASEY: Um, the last number she called me from was a 954 number, which is a Fort Lauderdale number? I know because (NAME) number is also a similar area code. She has also called me from a 407 number, from a 321 number, there’s been different numbers, different times. Not necessarily on different days; but it just depended on the number that she had at the time.

    LEE: Ok. Most recently can you remember the number that….

    CASEY: The last number that she had called me from wasn’t has a private listing, or that didn’t show up private cell or private call was 954.

    LEE: Ok. Um but even like a private cell of a private number from the most recent one that you can remember, can you remember like what month or anything like that that they were in?

    CASEY: Um, the last private call that I received was on the 15th, I believe? That was the day that mom made that call. And I think that was the last one that I had gotten. I mean as far as my knowing someone on the phone when I last had it.

    LEE: And do you remember what area code, or any part of that?

    CASEY: That was the number that came up. It just said ‘private cell’ or ‘private call’ I can’t remember which one.

    LEE: Ok. But whenever you did get to see a number, you said it would either be a 954, or a 407 or 321.

    CASEY: Yeah those are the three area codes that I can think of offhand.

    LEE: Do you remember any part of any of those numbers that will help me? Any combination of numbers that will help me?

    CASEY: Not at the moment. I’ve been trying to piece together numbers, but the numbers that are coming to mind are numbers from other people that I’ve called frequently and I don’t want to give you someone else’s number on accident.

    LEE: Nope, that’s fine I completely understand, I understand that in today’s day and age you don’t really memorize cell phones since you have it programmed in. Numbers that you program in yourself.

    CASEY: Very much so.

    LEE: Would she have been programmed in your cell phone?

    CASEY: She was, programmed into that other phone that we need to find a way to recover. I mean I don’t know…

    LEE: Help me with that actually. You said that you referred to it as you ‘black jack’?

    CASEY: Yeah, it was a Black Jack. I’d only had it for probably a week, a week and half. It didn’t keep its charge so that’s why I started using that other phone.

    LEE: So on the Black Jack, do you remember the phone number that the Black Jack was associated with?

    CASEY: It was my same number; I just swapped the SIM card back and forth.

    LEE: Ok, um…Here’s how these things work Casey, the contact information, the contact stuff is on your SIM card, so if you switched it back and forth.

    CASEY: It doesn’t always save to the SIM card. You can sometimes save things to the SIM card or save it specifically to the phone, it just depends on the way the phone’s set up I thought about that too. The phone that I was currently using, the one I guess that the police still have, or you guys have it, I had set it up after the fact to just save things to my SIM card but you can also save it to just the phone or to the SIM card and the phone so there’s copy’s on both

    LEE: So this Black Jack where did you, you said that you reported it missing, give me the information so I can find this phone.

    CASEY: I had it (TALKING TO SOMEONE OFF THE PHONE : yes sir, is he ok. Can you ask him to stay there couple of minutes, because we only have…ok thank you). Um Jose’s actually here. Um. (Expletive), ok the last time I know I had it for certain I was up at Universal.

    LEE: For work, or for otherwise?

    I was in through the park talking to just a couple of mutual friends of….

    LEE: So you were up there for fun or whatever?

    CASEY: It wasn’t necessarily fun, but yes not through work at that moment…

    LEE: I’ve got you, ok, I understand.

    CASEY: I know I had it at Jay Blanchard Park, I don’t remember where the very last place is I had it.

    LEE: Where did you get this phone from? Like how was it provided to you?

    CASEY: Through the AT&T Store, god, what road? It’s the bottom left side of town kind of near where the mall and stuff is.

    LEE: Was this a phone, is this another personal cell phone of yours?

    CASEY: Yes.

    LEE: Ok, so tell me. So if you lost the physical phone itself, aside from searching for it, how would you go about finding this? How should I go about finding your phone?

    CASEY: I don’t know. That’s the thing. I mean. I knew specifically where it was, I mean my last recollection of me having it was at Universal, but I knew that I had also been at Jay Blanchard Park and I could have potentially had it there with me too. I don’t know if you guys have checked through like some of the bags and stuff that I have at the house with me, if it was in one of those purses but I know I kept everything that I had kind of centralized at Tony’s.

    LEE: Case, if you had your Black Jack with you and you lost your Black Jack, but you still have your SIM card in your other phone, I’m trying just to figure out why, you wouldn’t lose both, you know what I mean?

    CASEY: Well that’s the thing, if it fell out of my bag, if it fell out of my pocket. It’s a decent size phone, almost the size of the phone that you have now. It could have easily fallen out of my purse.

    LEE: Would you have had her, or anybody’s information, even Jeff that’s introduced you or Juliet that also or correct me is there anybody else that knew that you were searching for Caylee?

    CASEY: Outside of them, no.

    LEE: Ok, outside Zani, Jeff, and Juliet, nobody else knew correct?

    CASEY: I hadn’t talked to anyone else about it, no

    LEE: Ok, where did you meet Jeff and Juliet from again?

    CASEY: Universal.

    LEE: When you were working for…

    CASEY: Jester Kodak. I could have met Juliet when I was working through Kodak I don’t remember if that’s where we first met I’ve known her also for about two and half, three years.

    LEE: How could we verify her? And get in contact with her? Like where does she, Where does she work and all that stuff? By the way we’ve got about a minute left.

    CASEY: Ok. She just moved within the last couple of months, I’m trying to figure out where else I can get contact information for her. I know I had her number written down at the house somewhere, where exactly I’m not sure.

    LEE: Ok. Did she ever work with you at Kodak or Color Vision?

    CASEY: She worked at Universal, yeah.

    (Tone: You have one minute left)

    LEE: Casey, you got to answer my questions specifically. Did she work with you at Kodak or Color Vision or was she an actual employee of the park?

    CASEY: She was an actual employee of the park.

    LEE: Ok. And she is Juliette *****. J-U-L-I-E-T-T-E ******. Correct ?

    CASEY: JULIET ****.

    LEE: Got it. Ok.

    LEE: I think we are getting close Case, is there anything?

    Um, offhand no. I’m going to go talk to Jose now, If I can think of anything while I’m with him I’ll write down anything and do whatever I can.

    LEE: Ok, you know you can call me or the house. We love you

    CASEY: Alright

    LEE: And please think of anything that can help find Caylee, because as soon as we can help find her, it’s going to be open and shut to get you out of there, ok darling?

    CASEY: Absolutely, I know….
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    Well if they have got her phone records then surely they can trace back the numbers of the calls she got on her mobile phone/s
    And contact all the people whose numbers called her phone/s

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